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There is beauty in simplicity


There is beauty in simplicity - this is the top for me. Unfortunately I didn't have time to try it really - the little one grew too fast.

  • design, design, design!!!
  • color personalization
  • seat unit
  • large wheels can tackle some terrain
  • follow-the-sun canopy
  • no lay-flat position - only for older children
  • you need to find a knack for the folding system, at first seems a little difficult
  • popping it up curbs could be better balanced

The most interesting umbrella stroller I have ever seen (and had to own)! It looks really beautiful. I bought it originally in black because it was the only offer I found at the time - but later on, I ordered a new seat unit as well as a canopy from the Phil&Teds website. I must say, even though for clothing I love the black color very much, I am not so fond of black strollers - with the association of babies in it, such a stroller seems a bit sad to me, plus it attracts warmth more than other colors.

Anyway, my Smart Buggy looked so fresh afterward - bright orange and yellow. I haven't seen a more beautiful umbrella stroller - nor a more colorful one! :-) Although many are skeptical about the design of the seat, I must say that this was the best thing about this stroller. It's comfortable, incredibly easy to clean, and ergonomically shaped. My little one loved to sit and ride in it. The seat can be reclined tilted only slightly - it is not suitable for small babies or children who are used to sleep long and/or regularly in the stroller. My first two almost never slept in their strollers, so for us, this one was ideal.

The seat unit CAN actually be reversed, but only with adapters, which we didn't have (or need for that matter). Even a carrycot is available, but we didn't have one - we bought the buggy when my son was more than a year old. The canopy with UPF50+ can be flipped forward like a sun shield, which was great against the sun, but my little one played with it and kept flipping over (which was a bit annoying) :-D The stroller folded down nicely fit into our car boot easily, but it wasn't the smallest I owned by far. Large, high-quality wheels passed through grass acceptably, and would, in my opinion, also tackle snow quite well (I did not use it in winter). When lifting the stroller up a curb, I had to push slightly more than I would like to. The basket was not the largest, but it was, to my surprise, possible to load it with quite a bit of shopping.

To summarize, the Smart Buggy is ideal for children who already can walk but still need a stroller. For short strolls, shopping, city use.

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