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rubia10 says:
"Very reasonably priced, just a great buggy"
and gives the Petite&Mars Street Premium Line

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  • Basic (foam) wheels can handle any terrain
  • Extendable hood
  • Nice and easy to handle
  • Very spacious
  • Premium range improved with eco leather handle and belly bar, covers of better quality and uniform colour - no fading
  • One-hand folding
  • Weight just over 9 kg, but still a bit heavy for me

Perfect, easy to handle, nice buggy 🤩. The covers have not faded even after 2 years. So the premium range was actually a bit better than the basic model.

Supposedly some Streets had defective designs, I never noticed even a tiny defect or any defect. The real plus was that the baby had plenty of room in it, even 3+ years old ❤️. With foam wheels, there was also not the slightest problem, they went anywhere. I didn't want the inflatable ones, I needed a lightweight stroller, with them it would be much heavier (what several users complained about). Weight was fine, it wasn't heavy, though, I swapped it for a comparable and even lighter one (just more expensive 🙄). It folded great with one hand, in and out of the car several times a day, no problem. The PU leather on the handle and the belly bar (on the premium line) gave it even more oomph 👌🏻.

Very reasonably priced, just a great buggy. Weight just over 9 kg very nice, only I needed a lighter one, for that the minus 1 point. But otherwise I was very satisfied ✌🏻. I recommend it.

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