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Recommended for any age

  • Room in the seat
  • Sturdy frame
  • Large hood
  • Not the smallest

Sper spacious and goes over any terrain we've met. Recommended for any age.

Fine for the price

  • strap recline
  • fabric getting in the seat
  • spacious
  • good value for the money

I am not a fan of the strap recline/incline; it is rather hard to put the child back to a sitting position (I need 3 hands). I also am not fond of the fabric of the rear side getting into the seat space when adjusting the seat to a sitting position. Otherwise it’s fine for the price - spacious and with a large hood.

  • sturdy lightweight frame
  • canopy colors to choose from (and you may swap 'em)
  • incredibly spacious
  • very affordable
  • the EVA foam wheels are not that much all-terrain - I'd go for the air-filled wheels
  • canopy a bit creased at the beginning
  • I'd like more breathable fabrics overall
  • no travel system option, pushchair only

I wasn't expecting it to be that nice and sturdy. It is, however, a bit bulky cause of that. The space in the seat is truly incredible and fits even a 4yo. I like the canopy color choices.

  • Design
  • Price
  • Space
  • Air-filled wheels (highly recommended)
  • Could be more compact

I had the P&M Street+ Air, and I highly recommend it. The spacious, lie-flat seat, the huge hood that you can swap (we had one of the Limited 100 editions, and there's always only a hundred of the design in the whole world), and the savvy-mom budget-friendly price.

An ideal second stroller to have after a full-sized pram - if you don't need something ultra-small, that is. It is not the most compact forward-facing pushchair.

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