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rubia says:
"One very good and nice looking umbrella buggy"
and gives the Petite&Mars Musca

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  • light
  • compact
  • lies flat
  • large basket
  • extended canopy (even the non-extended setup is large enough)
  • pocket on the back of the canopy
  • leg positioning
  • price
  • designs
  • some designs fade in color over time

This is one very good and nice looking umbrella buggy. It is light and folds well, can be put in the bed and is easy to handle. The frame is sturdy. The Limited editions also have a beautiful and sophisticated design. But I can't stop wondering - some women would probably want a buggy for occasional transfers, logically, with a bigger child, even a walking one, probably to ride by itself, gently like on butter, preferably to be the lightest in the world, and probably to have inflatable wheels and to be folded by itself, and to be small but spacious... For God's sake, a bit of judgment, it's an UMBRELLA STROLLER. :-D

It's not so much about the price, it's one of the cheaper ones (not the cheapest), but about WHAT and HOW buggies are used! Our almost-two-year-old sleeps in it without any problems. And that the wheels now and then rattle??? How else, when they are artificial, plastic, and it's also about the appearance and condition of the walkways. If they were foam, you would complain again that every pebble stays stuck in them.

Without any problems we climbed a historic castle on a hill (!!!), pebbly, unpaved road, pushing uphill, some bump, a hole. It is handled like any other buggy, I know what it is, I had more of them, even more expensive ones. Wake up, some of you, with one hand, you can't go straight with a buggy with twin handles in your life, and you can't go straight at all. And especially when you have a 15 kg kid sitting there... You buy an Elodie umbrella stroller for 350 euro and there wooon't be any stuck frame, wheels, no rattling, nooo ;-) I'm not a distributor, nor a manufacturer, nor an ambassador of the brand, but I just can't help wondering about the little things that some of the people highlighted in reviews as minuses. Get a grip.

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