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aj says:
"As a pram with a cot, it is flawless"
and gives the Peg-Pérego Culla

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  • Spacious cot
  • Cot can also be used for transport in the car
  • Gently rocking
  • Back positioning
  • Beautiful built-in summer version
  • Lightweight
  • Bulky
  • Storage basket open
  • Not suitable for taller people

As a pram with a cot, it is flawless - comfortable for both baby and parent. It can be gently rocked and is surprisingly light. This type of chassis is truly unsurpassed for off-road/snow and the spring suspension absorbs shocks perfectly.

The Culla Auto carry cot is really spacious, with a reclining backrest and can also be used as a car seat. The summer version is also very nice ;-) We also had the Navetta XL - it's a bit smaller, but otherwise just as functional.

The only downside - it doesn't fold that well and it's not suitable for taller people, so up to 170 cm at most - after that, you'll be tripping over the brake.

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