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The canopy shape bothers me


It looks great, and it's reasonably compact. Good for traveling. The canopy shape bothers me, however - it's not regular.

We sent it back to the shop

  • design
  • price
  • thin fabric
  • the one-hand fold doesn't work smoothly, and it's more of a two-hand plus a foot kind of fold
  • strap recline mechanism of the backrest that's not as sturdy
  • wheels good only for flat surfaces - like for the mall

We were looking forward to it, but it was a disappointment. We sent it back to the shop.

  • Affordable
  • Pretty
  • Compact fold
  • Bumper bar
  • Difficult folding
  • Thin materials
  • Small basket
  • Not good for any uneven terrain

I love the looks, the lay-flat seat, and those cool-looking wheels. I also am rather fond of the canopy; it's quite large. My kid loves the bumper bar; it's like a steering wheel to him ;-)

The drawbacks would be the fold that is not that easy to do as it seems, the tiny basket (normal for the type), and the not-so-thick materials used.

But at that price, these disadvantages are only minor - for occasional use, it's a good stroller.

Simple, but it will work


Nice for the price! Simple, but it will work. We bought it for the holidays and then to have as a spare in our car trunk.

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