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KLady says:
"It seemed it would be easy to use; unfortunately, that hasn’t been my experience"
and gives the Noordi Luno

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  • Good suspension
  • Comfortable bassinet
  • You can face your child towards you or away from you
  • Generous storage under pushchair
  • Comfortable to push
  • Chassis mechanism would lock so a struggle to assemble pushchair from collapsed position
  • Bulky- you need a big boot otherwise you will be removing wheels
  • Back wheels would come loose when pushing
  • Chassis broke in half
  • Hood clips where plastic and sheared off
  • Harness was a three point so could not use a non Noordi pouch for winter months

I purchased this pushchair during the first lockdown in the UK as my husband and I were unable to go pushchair shopping. After much research, I was drawn to the microbial material that the pushchair is manufactured with and after reviewing the YouTube videos, it seemed it would be easy to use. Unfortunately, that hasn’t been my experience.

The mechanism would lock so it would be difficult to assemble the pushchair from the collapsed position. The components holding the pushchair together seem to be made from plastic (hood) or cheap metal (chassis hinges) that shear off with no effort. I only used this pushchair occasionally as we mostly shielded so didn’t leave the house much and was surprised when I heard a clatter in my home office and a piece of the metal just fell off! I can’t fault the customer service of the aftersales team who have been very helpful to fix the issues.

I do wish we had opted for the iCandy which would have been a few hundred pounds more, but feel the build quality and ease of use would have been satisfactory. I don’t feel that the quality for Noordi is value for money, unfortunately.

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