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The design is lovely, but the quality could be better, We had to make a warranty claim because of the frame after a few months. Bassinet definitely better than the seat unit.

My husband especially is super happy

  • Good pram size
  • Adjustable handle
  • Modern design
  • High-quality fabric
  • Easy to maneuver

We love it! My husband especially is super happy as he didn't want anything tiny and weak. I did not expect the sun protection that will most certainly come useful in the summer, and the spaciousness of both the sitting part and the laying part (carrycot) are superb. Recommended.

  • Comfy pram
  • Robust frame with suspension
  • No-puncture wheels filled with gel
  • Carrycot with an inside pocket
  • Bulky and on the heavy side
  • "Loud" canopy
  • Unsure why they don't make the seat as clean-looking as the canopy
  • I am not a fan of the bag style (not using it)

I wanted the Fjordi but didn't want the air-filled wheels. I had inflatable wheels with my first end ended up with a puncture twice.

I was told by the seller that this new Luno All Trails has literally the same frame as the Fjordi, but with gel-filled wheels and a different carrycot style. The magnetic attachment of the apron is probably better, style-wise, but the baby started to kick it off (he's 5 months old). The carrycot is OK, size-wise, just enough until about 6 months. The suspension is present, and the pram can go over most terrains with ease.

The only niggle I have with it is when I load it in the car. It takes all of my boot.

The seat seems large, just the canopy somehow strangely moves around. We'll see about that later.

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