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  • large wheels, they handle any terrain wonderfully
  • the size of the stroller is just right, neither too big nor small
  • quick and easy folding, takes up little space
  • the seat can be put both in a forward and reversed position
  • short hood

Amazing stylish stroller that can handle any terrain. Lightweight, foldable, and takes up little space when folded - even less when the wheels are detached. Amazing, easy handling. A big plus - the seat can be clicked on in both direction and opposite direction, which was a great advantage. The only thing that is a small minus is the short hood. Otherwise, for me, an absolutely perfect stroller.

  • Pleasant suspension
  • Solid stable frame
  • Large maintenance-free wheels
  • Easy to handle
  • Large carrycot
  • Seat folds together with the structure
  • Long backrest
  • Excellent access to the basket
  • The canopy could be longer
  • Short legrest of the seat

I loved the stroller. It handles very well, it can handle even worse terrain.

  • Light
  • Compact
  • Very easy to handle
  • Last but not least nice looking
  • A little hard
  • Smaller bassinet, but as I wrote our baby will fit in it, we'll see how long
  • Fastening of the changing bag

So far we only have a deep bassinet, but we are satisfied with it. It is smaller, but our ⭐️ fits in it fine and she is happy in it. It's a bit "harder" in terms of suspension, so it's probably not for the countryside, but as long as there are at least a bit of normal pavements/roads, it's absolutely great, easy to handle with one hand, as it's also lightweight. In addition, it is very easy to fold. Last but not least, of course, it's nice looking.

Maybe the disadvantage was that only the stroller and the seat are included and everything else has to be bought (from the cosytoes to a sun shade), but we went for it knowing that.

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A quality pram

  • A quality pram
  • Steering
  • Comfortable carrycot
  • Easy to fold and not heavy
  • The seat was slanted, my little one wanted to sit more upright
  • The canopy on the carrycot didn't cover that well

My child always held on to the belly bar because she wanted to sit more upright. Other than that, I don't have much to complain about, it's a quality pram.

So comfy to push


It's so comfy to push. Just a shame the hood is not longer.

  • fantastic push
  • fantastic kerb popping
  • comfy for the child
  • nice suspension
  • large wheels got over everything
  • looks great
  • easy fold
  • short leg rest
  • could last longer
  • canopy could be longer, too
  • not the smallest after folding

It lasted us up to 2 years - the leg rest was short after that. We miss it a lot, we loved how it pushes. Now getting the Nexo from Mutsy.

  • Size
  • Weight
  • Maneuverability
  • Look
  • The internal lining of the bassinet is attached with so much velcro
  • A small-ish seat canopy - it is enough in the sitting position, but not enough in the lying one; also, the canopy falls off when the backrest is reclined
  • No included accessories - we had to buy everything separately

Overall, my DS and I are both happy with it, but there are small downsides as well.

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