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  • extended hood
  • easy handling
  • nice design
  • easily accessible shopping basket
  • rattling front wheels on uneven surfaces
  • creased hood fabric
  • occasional squeaking of plastic joints

I bought the pram mainly because of the design and the extended roof (which is only on the Icon Balance type).

After 3 months of use I am slightly disappointed, especially because of the rattling front wheels when we go on bumpy or uneven surfaces. On a flat road it pushes great, quiet.

What I like is that it's easy to control, it also goes over meadows, forest roads, etc. Thanks to the extended hood, the wind doesn't blow into the pram and the sun doesn't shine in, which is great. It also has good suspension. The basket under the stroller is easily accessible.

Another minor negative for me is that when I unpacked it and pulled the canopy out, the material was creased, even though the hood is fully open.

The third thing that bothers me is that sometimes the plastic joints where the carrycot attaches to the chassis squeak.

  • Pretty
  • Good on many terrains
  • Very small when folded
  • Fragile frame
  • Hard to fold
  • Small carrycot

Very pretty stroller but had a lot of problems with the frame and eventually decided to give up using it. So we were not able to use it for as long as my baby needed it and had to buy a new stroller. Very disappointed, don't buy it!

The price is way too high


Looks nice, but the price is wrong - way too high. It's absolutely not worth that much; this should be in the price range of ~ £400, so half of its price !!! Easy to push but makes a noisy sound when pushing - and it's a small pram, not sturdy at all. I do not recommend it! Had lots of problems with delivery in UK!! 😞☹️☹️

We had al lot of problems


We had al lot of problems with the Mutsy Icon.

  • Nice, wide wheels with suspension
  • Comfy padding and good quality fabrics
  • I love the possibility of telescoping as well as rotating the handlebar to adjust for a right pushing position
  • Memory buttons = easy removing the carrycot/seat unit
  • Lay flat
  • Higher weight
  • The fold is compact only when you remove the wheels, it is also not always smooth (but the folding of the rear axle inwards is really a nice touch)
  • The handlebar is a little looser than I would have liked
  • Short leg rest and overall short, narrower sleeping surface = better for smaller kids
  • Folding takes more steps

It's a nice, however, lower-to-the-ground pram with short canopies on both pushchair and the carrycot. I also found the basket too open for my needs, and the seat won't certainly last the full three years. But the push is very nice, the fabrics are good quality and easy to clean, and the overall child-parent comfort is definitely there.

  • driveability
  • looks
  • hood
  • it's a bit low to the ground

A nice pram system for about two years of use; after that, you will need to move to a more spacious and preferably compact buggy. I like the looks. My tall husband is not that thrilled about the height of the carrycot/seat unit on the chassis.

  • lay-flat position
  • very compact fold (for a full.size stroller system)
  • more spacious than the Evo I had a couple of years ago
  • beautiful fabrics and overall design
  • driveability
  • large wheels
  • superb suspension
  • no stones in the wheels' foam
  • accessible basket
  • short canopies
  • more steps to fold the stroller
  • could be more lightweight
  • lower to the ground, so not perfect for very tall parents
  • I would make the seat a bit bigger, mainly the leg rest

As usual from Mutsy, the fabrics and overall design look luxurious and stylish. I love the stroller, and my little one loves to ride in it. The push is incredible - for a mainly urban stroller, the suspension and the wheel size is just great. I would love; however, it would be more lightweight, since it's all kind of lower to the ground, and also, I would prolong the leg rest and maybe the overall seat unit. Oh, and the canopies on both carrycot and the seat unit could be longer, or two-times extendable - but this is typical for the Mutsy brand. A sunshade or the UV net that you can optionally buy will take care of it.

  • streamlined, stylish design with attention to detail (like the rear part of the backrest covered in fabric as well as with metal logo, or the perforation on the adjustable handlebar)
  • suspension system
  • compact fold
  • memory buttons (even though strange to operate at first
  • reversible, comfortable seat unit with side protection
  • magnetic viewing window with mesh
  • velcro-on apron
  • hoods are on the short side, and the seat unit's one feels a bit flimsy
  • 70 cm mattress in the carrycot
  • basket not deep enough
  • leg rest misses a wipe-clean layer
  • handlebar has some give

I was really hoping the carrycot and its hood will be bigger in the newest model. It's nothing serious, but I would appreciate using it longer than 4 and a half months. And about that hood... in summer, the sun sometimes does shine straight on the baby, since it's not long enough and the apron (otherwise great and high-quality, with a handy pocket for the pacifier or another little thing) is not high enough. But we put there a Dooky shade.

Design is beautiful to look at, fabrics seem durable, structured-like, and those leatherette elements are a great touch. Both the pram mode and the pushchair mode are smooth to push with nice wheel size (which, however, makes to fold more bulky, and much nicer when you remove them) and real suspension.

I enjoy pushing the stroller, and my DD riding in it. I can sincerely recommend purchasing this (if you're ok with those downsides I mention), even though it is not the cheapest option. And one more thing - I strongly recommend getting the sold-separately, original footmuff. It fits so well and has a rear part preventing sliding.

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