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  • Bassinet
  • Just a partial/mild suspension system

Very beautiful, stylish for mums - but baby will especially appreciate that amazing bassinet! Not many strollers have such a bassinet. The manipulation is fine, the pram folds quickly - once you learn how to do everything with it (preferably by following videos on the net) you won't swap it for anything.

It looks so gorgeous

  • beautiful
  • sturdy
  • robust
  • rocking

I have it at home, still waiting for the baby to arrive and make use of it! But I already love it, it looks so gorgeous 😍😍😍

We used the carrycot only. That I loved. I am not rating the seat, we bough a different pushchair afterwards.

I must say I very much liked the idea of the basket-form basket that you can carry in your hand. And yes, it is super nice in theury. But it is so small because of that. I'd rather have a large open basket instead.

We LOVED the pram configuration

  • Elegant design
  • German brand
  • Pram configuration
  • Shock-absorbtion
  • A large pram (it's a positive as well as a negative)
  • Pushchair configuration
  • Front wheels rattle a bit on cobblestones
  • A large pram (it's a positive as well as a negative)

Even if very robust, which is not the best for traveling, we LOVED the pram configuration. So spacious, protective, comfortable for the baby, and such a nice ride (even if maybe the front wheels are not the quietest on cobblestones). The seat unit is much less practical - the canopy doesn't cover near as well as the carrycot canopy did. An 18mo is barely fitting the seat still.

So good as a pram. Not so good as a pushchair. Recommended if you get it for a sale price (as we did).

  • Huge, roomy, and comfy bassinet
  • Soft, rocking suspension
  • Large wheels
  • Adjustable eco-leather handle
  • Comfortable steering
  • Stylish look
  • Padded insert in the seat
  • Small, open seat unit with a short leg rest = the stroller system won't last for the whole toddlerhood
  • Bulky fold
  • Heavy
  • Basket is small for such a large stroller

The steering and the suspension are fabulous. It is truly a comfortable ride which a parent appreciates most with a small baby. The bassinet is huge, spacious, comfy, and with a fantastic ("Traumeland") mattress. The whole inside is washable, which we had to do a few times.

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