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It is so light it will be a pram as well as a buggy

  • light
  • compact
  • great to steer
  • spacious carrycot with an XL hood
  • shallow-ish carrycot
  • small basket

Bought it, love it. As my daughter was born prematurely, it is a small baby, and I do think that with the No One, we'll last until we need no stroller anymore. It is so light it will be a pram as well as a buggy 😁

Incredibly lightweight for a PRAM

  • Large, high-positioned carrycot
  • Carrycot hood 👍
  • Seat folds with the frame
  • Adjustable handle - great since I am short, and my partner is 15 cm taller
  • And of course, light ad compact
  • Short space for the childs feet

Incredibly lightweight for a PRAM! I am very short (156 cm) and needed something light to be able to maneuver with. The NO. One is a "number one' in that :-D The center of gravity works for me, it is easy to push, easy to load in the car... great for everyday life.

To the bassinet - it is so practical. The lever to click it off is a godsend, the canopy is simply huge, and it is higher up on the frame thanks to the included height adapters - so after giving birth, I didn't have to bend over it much. And even if it's a small pram, the 79 cm inside are more generous than on any other small pram I saw.

The seat seems smaller, but since I am small, I don't really mind as much. Mainly the space for the little feet seems short to me, so that would be a minus. It is heavily padded, which is a plus. It does fold with the frame 👍👍👍

The frame - agile, compact, and there's even suspension. It is weak, though, no rocking, and you will feel the bigger bumps. This is to be expected with a smaller pram, IMHO. I like that the wheels are no-maintenance, and rubberized.

We bought our No1 in the Ocean RF color, which is also eco-conscious, being from recycled bottles taken out from the ocean (so I didn't mind the extra price). And the color is really pretty, reminding me a bit of jeans 😍

We don't bump into the same stroller

  • unique design
  • small size folded and unfolded
  • crotch strap
  • quite an upright seat back
  • I think I'd fit more things into the basket if it were open
  • cup holder position
  • not the best choice for terrain

I needed something small, so I got the No. 1. Nobody around had it, which I liked - we don't bump into the same stroller (like other mums around us do all the time). It's small, compact, and agile. I just hate the cup holder position - I bumped into doors so many times I eventually broke it 😝

My daughter also seems happy with it. I especially like the crotch strap - my DD is secure even if I don't harness her in. And the seat is quite upright, which I am very grateful for.

Very lightweight and pushes smoothly

  • lightweight
  • stylish
  • great for a petite mom
  • zip-close basket
  • high-positioned pram
  • cup holder 👌
  • shallow carrycot
  • short leg rest
  • open seat - no cosy toes
  • not for much terrain

It's very lightweight and pushes smoothly. The seat is quite open - I'd appreciate more coverage. Also, the leg rest is too short imho. I love the accessible, closable storage underneath.

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