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mikica says:
"It's definitely not worth the real price"
and gives the Momon After 59

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  • easy to push
  • nice looking
  • can handle heavier terrain
  • the basket can be reached even when the seat is clicked on
  • adjustable belly handle for the child in the seat
  • the magnet system does not hold
  • after a while it starts to rattle
  • hooks on the canopy of the egg (the canopy always unhooks)
  • in the seat the child always slides down
  • puzzle system for securing the child + the bottom part cannot be adjusted
  • cumbersome positioning of the seat - difficult to fit in the position you want on both sides
  • the mattress in the carrycot is very thin and wears out quickly
  • takes up the whole car boot
  • the adjustable handle for the child in the seat has a lot of will - the child moves, but the handle moves more :-D
  • can't be washed - according to the owners I have to dismantle the basket every month and have it cleaned
  • after a while, when we brought it back from the shop, it smelled like a Chinese shop product (like paint or something) - but enough time in the sun will get rid of it (husband got upset that we were going to poison the little one, owners said it smelled from dust)
  • only SEEMS solid at first
  • overpriced
  • hassle when complaining about manufacturing errors

If I had bought this stroller for 600 euros, I probably wouldn't have been so unhappy about it. It's definitely not worth the real price...

I bought it in person at the store. I searched for a long time for the right one, and finally got fooled by the flowers and the "prestigious" shop. My mistake, I already know. But when the imitation wood and the flowers came up... :-)

Ok. The first time I took it for a ride - it was all loose, rattly, squeaky. The brake was stuck!! I found a torn canopy under the zipper. Complaint. They gave us a new frame. The brake was stuck because we didn't oil the wheels. I found a few more torn parts (footrest, sport part). Complaint again.

And then in town, when I was crossing the road, the wheels got stuck and spun like crazy. Complaint. My husband could barely push the stroller to the store. When they went to check it out, like hell the horrible stroller was being pushed. The owner didn't see any defect. He replaced the front wheels. Apparently we had lubricated it too much :-D

My husband tells him to replace the rear wheels too, so we don't have to come back in a month with another problem. Answer: you guys when you get a flat, you replace all 4 wheels ? :) So the stroller was completely repaired, only the rear wheels remained original.

Yaay and a rusty umbrella they gave me. Complaint disallowed because I was storing it wrong, they said. But being a prestigious brand and the shop were so kind - they sent me a second one with a beautiful Polish inscription. On the design, "color gray" in Polish :-) But they are prestigious Italians, they say!

They also gave me a whole new carrycot because they are a prestigious brand (because of the torn canopy) - not at all because the canopy was fixed with rivets on the carrycot frame and there was no other way... Noooo. They left the mattress original. The new carrycot is somehow a bit bigger so the mattress floats a bit. But it's the original mattress :-D

I put a video on instagram to show how the stroller rattled and the wheels shook. Photo of the rips and rust. I got a letter in the mail telling me I was saying lies. I am to immediately delete the instagram profile with the name of the stroller and the photos or they will take me to court.

I am now laughing at the arrogance and importance of the owners. They say we can feel free to threaten to go to officials with this, there were supposedly such people already. They seem to have TV friends, and commercial inspection friends, too, apparently, because we didn't succeed there either (despite the fact that they didn't give me the instruction manual in our language, which is required by law, only during the second complaint) - but there is a different standard for everyone, what the hell.

But about the stroller. The front wheels are inflatable, the rear ones are gel. Why? Who knows... But on the rear ones there is a beautiful imitation of a valve for inflating :D

It has no suspension. But when you click on the car seat or the cot and jump into a hole, it will rock the clicked on parts quite a lot as they are VERY loose in the chassis. The seat part holds up better in there. When you grab the handle and swing the chassis from right to left, the stroller wiggles away but the cot stands strong in the same place (loose).

Godsend to the magnets on the footrests. Just hope your baby doesn't kick much. Ours had his feet moving all the time - he kicked the heck out of both the car seat and the seat's leg cover. But it doesn't stick on the sport part anyway, so it doesn't matter. (And the lady owner said when we asked for a refund on the torn leg cover that how are we going to stroll without a leg cover - you have to be creative with this stroller.)

I have to mention the fastening of the seat's buckle. The puzzle system, oh my. Our active child almost got out on his own while I learned to hastily zip it up and keep him entertained while I did it. The bottom is not adjustable, so what goes between his little legs is simply one length. When he was sitting at the beginning he had it under his neck at first.

The car seat is nice. The canopy was always coming off as it was only on hooks. It annoyed my husband beyond belief when we left the maternity ward. I coaxed him into thinking it was ok - after all, I had my lovely pram. The little one didn't like it - I don't know if it was just this car seat, or any would be liked "the same"... He's quite ok in a proper, stage I car seat. He never slept more than 20 min in the included car seat.

I don't know why, the little one always slides down in the seat. I have to correct him every once in a while. You can't get into the bottom basket from the front when the seat is on. But from the back there is a zipper.

The stroller easy to operate really even with one hand. It can handle terrain. On grass, I recommend lifting the front wheels a bit, it's a strain for those. And it does look beautiful :-) Except that after complaint and use i.e. about 8 months it starts to rattle and squeak a bit again.

Also the gloves on it are on a magnet. So you put them on, you get hot - hard to open the magnets then, and go to grab the stroller and you know what? The whole thing falls apart :D I've tried different procedures, it always falls apart...

The first time they gave us a spare stroller (when we made a complaint) Nanán (terribly hard chassis and loose unrealistically) - that was a plus.

So it's just an ordinary Polish stroller, which is way overpriced. And the patience with arrogant "stylish" owners... So I tackle difficult terrain with caution, use the brake only when really necessary, forbid anyone to lean on it or hug it - just make it last so I don't have to go to the shop to people who are only nice when you are buying it.

For me, it was an investment for the future (I'll save up, buy quality and raise 3 kids in it). It was money very poorly invested. If you have a lot of money, and only use the cot, you will walk only around town and occasional gravel, your offspring will be happy. If nothing goes wrong...

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