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Owned a lot of strollers says:
"It has held up way better than I anticipated"
and gives the Mockingbird Stroller

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It has held up way better than I anticipated

  • Textiles feel high quality and long lasting
  • Pushes easily, feels really light when fully loaded with the heaviest child in the front (even at a slow jog in the rain, haha)
  • Looks snazzy and expensive. I get so many compliments!
  • One handed fold with seats attached is awesome (albeit big and awkward)
  • Lots of configurations (but not as many as I’d like or as conveniently as I’d like)
  • Huge under storage compartment with a close-able pocket and doesn’t fall apart (or look like it’s going to) when my toddler (45lbs) climbs in it
  • Extra sunshade attachment, especially for the baby sleeping in the bassinet
  • Parent console accessory (extra $) is pretty nice. I do wish the cup holders were insulated but it's spacious and easily clips on and off. Wish it had a carry strap
  • Free wet bag
  • Free stroller bag
  • Stands when folded (but not all the way compacted so again it’s cumbersome and huge).
  • Water repellent fabric on the canopy
  • Plush seats. They look comfortable and my kids keep getting in it and just hanging out. They sleep SO WELL in this stroller (like for 3 hr naps)
  • One-hand adjustment for seat positions (but that has downsides too)
  • The bassinet is free standing and has a handle to carry it around
  • Tires are VERY resilient. I ran over a broken beer bottle I couldn’t see (because of the long stroller in front of me) I don’t see ANY damage. The tires are totally fine
  • The locking front wheels are helpful
  • The suspension feels great. Have pushed sleeping babes through tough terrain and they stay asleep
  • The handlebar is cushy and comfortable and doesn’t rub against the ground when in a standing fold like other strollers
  • The crumb/dirt zipper feature in the footwell has been used way more than I realized.
  • The stroller board. We LOVE this add-on. My husband is 6’2” so a board that goes in front of his feet was not going to work. My 4 year old thinks it’s the best thing ever. I wish I could attach it to other strollers
  • It kinda stinks going up over the curb even as a single (compared to my previous especially). Part of this is because of the next item
  • It felt kinda creaky and a tiny bit wobbly occasionally when we first got it (going up over curbs and into doorsteps and on tight turns when loaded with kids). But my husband and babysitter LOVE this because they say it helps rock the kids to sleep. I personally prefer a sturdier feel. The “creaks” actually improved the more I’ve used it
  • The bassinet is not compatible with the front position and technically can’t be forward-facing when doubled (but I do it anyways and my toddler is just cramped). My toddler LOVES seeing the baby.
  • Bassinet top does not have in-between positions like a normal seat canopy- only up and down and requires 2 hands to adjust in either direction
  • The bassinet is “extra” and smaller (unlike my Chicco Urban which the normal seat converts to the bassinet so it’s very spacious and included obviously)
  • 4 seat positions instead of continuous which prevents the “sneaky” recline when I’m trying to gradually lean my child back to sleep and gets stuck a little when my toddler fights against me.
  • The right upper adapter was stubborn and difficult to disconnect everything but got better with use.
  • Hard to find places to put clip stroller fans, Most convenient places are too thick for my fans to clamp so now I’m looking at buying a different kind
  • The adjustable foot rest only locks in one direction. So I tuck it back and my toddler moves it forward with her feet. But, then she can’t move it back out of the way so she says she needs help and we do this on repeat until I lose my mind. This also causes annoyances when folding. Thankfully the novelty of that is wearing off with time and she’s just flinging her feet out of the seat when she wants more space
  • Canopy is too small. The extension shade is really nice but my toddler hates it (understandably) so I’m using an aftermarket extension that is nice but not attached so she pulls on it and it comes off. She would absolutely tolerate a longer shade because she has on other strollers
  • The ventilation on the canopy is mesh allowing great airflow but tons of sun. What you gain in airflow you lose in the sun's heat. In my old stroller, the ventilation window was made out of a semi-sheer UPF blocking material (similar to the extension fabric mockingbird provides) and that was WAY better
  • The seat liner accessory doesn’t stay put under wiggly bottoms and isn’t a cooling fabric so it’s black and hot. It’s also not full length so anything that drops, spills, etc. into the foot rest area falls on unprotected fabric. It is also not water repellent fabric so if your kid pees (ask me how I know) it will be wet and it might soak through to the actual seat (which is also not water repellent). In other words, diarrhea and pee protection is not guaranteed so I use another cover to seat liner
  • The fabric is not all removable and machine washable. This is one of my biggest pet peeves with basically all strollers! Why make a child product you can’t just wash? Why?!?! Especially one they spend a lot of time on! Did they think it through for the bassinet but not the seat? 🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️ it’s definitely NOT totally wipe cleanable as advertised or water repellent like the canopy. I’m so glad I own an upholstery wet vac to wash and suck out the urine and potty accidents. But, as annoying as this is, I won’t send the stroller back because none of the competitors I looked at had this feature either! Grumble. (FYI my baby jogger did have this feature but it was a PAIN to change and reattach but at least you could)
  • Snack trays are sturdy but the angle is awkward with some recline and dumps snacks into laps.
  • It does fold with both seats on but it’s way bigger than my 4 seater stroller wagon when folded. Even though it’s half the weight it’s twice as awkward so I almost always disassemble it

I have had it for almost 2 years and my kids have not been gentle. It has held up great, way better than I anticipated. My kids climb ALL over it and it has never fallen over. My favorite thing now is the off to the side rider board.

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