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Vanessa, twin mama says:
"UNSAFE when used in the two-seat configuration."
and gives the Mockingbird Stroller

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UNSAFE when used in the two-seat configuration.

Mockingbird's single-to-double stroller is UNSAFE when used in the two-seat configuration. After only a few months of normal use it literally snapped in half with my two toddlers inside and dropped them full force toward the pavement. My daughter came very close to a catastrophic head injury. PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS STROLLER WITH TWO CHILDREN.

I have 20-month old twins, who each weigh around 30 pounds. I began taking them in the Mockingbird stroller with the two-seat configuration in mid-2021. Our regular routine was to take one to two 20-minute walks per day in our neighborhood. The walk is entirely on paved streets and sidewalks. There are a few places where the sidewalk is bumpy because of tree roots and one spot without a curb cut where we had to take the stroller up and down the curb. It appears the stroller, at least in the two-seat configuration, is not able to handle these minor stresses, which are typical of a suburban neighborhood. After less than a year of use, a small cross-bar that connects the two back legs is separated at the point where it is welded to one of the legs. I contacted the company on June 10, 2022 and they sent an entire replacement stroller.

After using the June replacement for about four months the same cross bar separated in the same manner. I contacted Mockingbird again on October 31, 2022 and they said they were again sending a replacement. No one from the company told me that the stroller had been rendered unsafe for use (or warned me of any risk that the stroller could completely split in half), so I continued using it while awaiting the replacement. On November 5, 2022, while taking the stroller down the curb at the spot without a curb-cut, it completely severed in half and dropped both of my children full-force toward the pavement. There is a place in the middle of the stroller where the main metal bars connect with a plastic piece that supports a seat. The metal fully snapped at this connection point on both sides. I've since learned that other parents have reported this exact failure point, which caused their strollers to split in half with children inside. My daughter was in the front seat, which dropped forward onto the street. It landed with her face one inch away from impacting the pavement at full-force. My son was in the rear seat, which was also pulled toward the ground. This was obviously a very traumatic incident, but I feel extremely lucky that neither of my children was injured. I believe this fall had the potential to cause serious head injury or even be fatal if one of their heads had hit the pavement at full force.

We always used this stroller as intended by Mockingbird, and never took it off-road, jogging, or even traveling. It was solely used for neighborhood walks. It should not have failed like it did. After the incident happened I googled and found that others are experiencing this EXACT same issue - the same connection point failing in the two-seat configuration, leading to the stroller snapping in half. Mockingbird needs to recall the stroller and fix this before children get hurt.

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