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petrika says:
"It has a unique - original design, which is the biggest benefit"
and gives the Mima Xari 3G

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  • design (beautiful, timeless, elegant)
  • originality and uniqueness
  • easy cleaning (quick, practical)
  • relatively lightweight (within its category)
  • smaller size (easy to move around - elevator, tight spaces)
  • included and optional accessories - wide choice
  • seat unit is less practical for a bigger child
  • canopy is composed of three parts and gaps between them

Super happy with the pram despite having shortcomings. There is no ideal pram that fits all criteria. It's a matter of perspective and priorities.

In any case, the size of the stroller suits the baby as much as possible, it is not unnecessarily large and robust. It is easy to handle. No rattling. It has a unique - original design, which is the biggest benefit for a stroller.

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