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kabela2812 says:
"We had to tape the screws, then the rattling was fine"
and gives the Mikado Luxor

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  • strong, lightweight frame
  • cushioning
  • spacious, deep bassinet
  • adjustable handle
  • easy-to-clean covers
  • inflatable wheels
  • ventilation piece at the back of the canopy
  • extended canopy (sun visor)
  • metal anchoring
  • the backrest on the sports section sometimes did not cooperate

Except for a few imperfections, we were happy with it. The worst was the metal anchoring of the stroller. It creaked, rattled... we had to tape the screws, then it was fine. The bassinet is beautiful, fancy... the seat part is cool too, but it's weak compared to the bassinet. Otherwise super stroller, lightweight, one-hand controllable, well sprung, inflatable wheels suitable for the terrain (we got where we needed to go just fine).

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