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Superb around town


Very good as a pushchair, or as a buggy substitute. Superb around town, easy to handle and super compact. Otherwise hard, with small wheels - so you will feel uneven terrain.

  • Super compact even in a small car trunk
  • Seat reclinable to full recline
  • Nice design
  • Less suspension
  • Small bassinet
  • Difficult to walk with it in the snow

I really liked the design of the stroller - we had a Fox pram which was gorgeous. However, the bassinet is tiny here, it's more for a winter newborn, as I definitely won't put a bigger baby with a footmuff in there. On the other hand, even with the bassinet we crammed it into a small car trunk, so that's a plus. For normal running around the city ok, but for off-road or snow not at all.

  • reversible seat
  • comfortable, precise seat padding
  • possibility to recline the seat fully
  • canopy long enough (foldable)
  • easy and firm backrest positioning
  • sufficiently high backrest
  • sturdy frame
  • telescopic handle
  • passes over different types of terrain
  • the ability to climb stairs without much effort - by lowering it down correctly
  • indestructible wheels
  • does not rattle
  • sturdy handle - does not scuff
  • the shopping basket tends to scrape on the ground with heavier load

I recommend this stroller. I think it will make every mom's dreams come true. A combination of beauty and practicality.

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