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wandall says:
"A minimalist model with minimum accessories included"
and gives the Mamas&Papas Armadillo City

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  • compact
  • lightweight
  • fast folding
  • large sun canopy
  • five-point fastening
  • narrow, fits in a bus, metro, fits in any door :)
  • soft padding
  • superb material to the touch
  • if someone is missing that - leg positioning
  • it doesn't have a handle (again, it's a matter of preference - I don't miss it)
  • small wheels, but rubberized
  • 4 springs would be useful ;)

I've only had the stroller for a short time, but I think the essentials can be summed up after the first look at the stroller.

The stroller belongs to the minimalist models with minimum accessories included. It does not have a belly bar, nor does it come with it... However, I think a universal handle from Chicco or Fisher Price would fit it, and I also found tailors that can make a universal one - with Velcro attachment (genius).

The stroller folds with one hand - a great thing when your baby is already running away, running away, or when you are in a hurry to go somewhere. It's relatively lightweight, and can be folded up nicely to grab by the handle and lift, but probably not to walk around with for long periods of time... it is about 7 kg.

Large canopy, good quality, rubberized material, rain resistant. Back positioning is easy - and sufficient for sleeping.

I have a Blue Indigo at home, it's actually more of a blue/purple colour. Inside it makes a nice darkness for sleeping.

The front wheels lock, but are hard to operate. If you've only used sprung strollers so far, this one will be like a punishment for you. I find the pushing quite difficult at times, but I guess it takes some getting used to. Quite hard to turn the wheels when I tried it at home on the floor. Ironically, outside I had no such problem at all. The ride is smooth and fine. The parent handle bar is just right height - for both short and taller women.

It doesn't have leg positioning, but it doesn't matter at all - the lying area is sufficient... The basket is surprisingly high off the ground, so you're not scraping it on the ground like with the Sola2; and it's also pretty big and sturdy.

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