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  • design is beautiful
  • fabrics are so nice
  • light and compact
  • handlebar adjusts (a pro just "on paper")
  • rucksack mode
  • handlebar has quite a will
  • handlebar is too low
  • when laying flat, the parent kicks the seat (it's in the way)
  • expensive

It's a bit of a disappointment. I LOVE the upright seat that they promoted. The surface is also nice, and the padding and overall finish just yummy. But the handle is sooo low... 99 cm at the higher, and only one other (lower!) position for, I guess, the older sibling..?

When in the fully reclined position, I always kick the back of the seat with a canopy. And it was such an expensive little stroller!

There are many nice things about it, but these are kind of a deal-breaker for me.

I wanted a stroller compact for the plane while being newborn-friendly. This works with a bassinet as well as a car seat. The robust wheels and the upright seat seem like a bonus! 😊 So I guess I found what I needed.

  • size
  • looks
  • fully reclining seat
  • accepts a car seat
  • basket
  • shallow, open seat
  • doesn't feel sturdy as much as I expected

Small after folding and with an easy fold. Backpack possibility of carrying. Fits the carry-on requirements. Sturdy-feeling wheels. Bumper bar included. And has an upright seat back. Those are the reasons we got it.

On the other hand, one should know the minuses as well. A low-positioned handle bar, a small, shallow basket, a shallow seat with a rather short canopy (when napping), and doesn't feel as sturdy in the handle area.

If style and size is a priority, I guess I can recommend it. But I am not sure I'd buy it again. I like a lot on this little buggy, but I would change quite a lot as well.

  • Style
  • Lie-flat seat and car seat compatible frame
  • Rubber, chunky wheels
  • Easy and compact one-hand fold
  • Short-ish hood
  • Wobbly handlebar
  • Handlebar doesn't go too high (my hubby hates that he slumps when pushing the pushchair)
  • QUite a high price

I love the quality feel of the fabrics and the luxurious details reminding me of our main pram, Ocarro. On the other hand, this one's handlebar feels more wobbly (I guess it's the joint/adjustability making it so). The hood in the lie-flat position could also provide more coverage.

The buggy is, however, super compact and reasonably lightweight, and stylish as hell 😎🤩

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