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mapa says:
"A perfect stroller, but only for tall parents"
and gives the Maclaren Techno XLR 2018

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  • Quality materials
  • Easy one-handed handling
  • Very comfortable for baby
  • Large canopy
  • Insulated apron
  • Practical carrying bag
  • Suspension and large wheels that can go over even the worst of terrains
  • Exquisite details
  • Maclaren wheels made of foam, which after the first ride had signs of use (small stones stuck in them)
  • It is long/tall both unfolded and folded

A perfect stroller, but only for tall parents. This umbrella buggy was my dream. Maclaren was the first manufacturer of umbrella style pushchairs and this is their flagship. I wanted to use it first and foremost for travelling, because it's a buggy, but also for daily transfers by public transport/car.

Every detail has been thought out, it is easy to operate with one hand even in tight spaces. Quality materials, suitable from birth, really spacious and comfortable thanks to the luxurious padding, with an extended hood with a magnetic window and a pocket for small things in the back, insulated apron, a large basket, which can be accessed from each side even when the seat is in the lying position. Nice suspension, one-click lockable front wheels...

Unfortunately, I chose it only from the photos and when the courier brought a narrow but long box, I began to feel that it would be really big. After unfolding it and adjusting the handle to the lowest position (yes, it has an adjustable handle), I stood next to it and with my 160 cm I had it up to my chest... It was easy to handle, but it looked comical. My husband, who is 178 cm, still had the arm unusually high. I tried it out on public transport, it was very easy to get on/off. When we wanted to put it into the car (not a minivan, but an honest family station wagon), we found out that it would fit just over the whole trunk! For us it became unusable, we are a big family, we always carry something in the trunk besides the stroller - and this way we would have to "stuff" it with things.

Overall, this buggy is suitable for really tall parents (180cm+). I changed it for an Ergobaby Metro, which is a completely different category of stroller, but more suitable for our needs.

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