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LeFox says:
"It doesn't live up to the hype"
and gives the Maclaren Quest Arc

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It doesn't live up to the hype

  • large sun shade
  • pretty high seat back for taller kids
  • lightweight
  • large-ish basket for the size of the stroller
  • claims that it's good up to 55 lbs, but I doubt it is sturdy enough to hold a child that large. it felt unstable with a child at less than 40 lbs
  • for the price, you can get much sturdier and well made strollers
  • broke (unrepairable) in less than a year with normal use around the city
  • going over any kind of "terrain" feels like an effort. doesn't navigate easily over bumps / curbs, etc.
  • kid's head will peak out of the stroller when laid down flat

After our experience, I'd never buy another Maclaren. It doesn't live up to the hype.

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