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  • My daughter is almost 5 and we still use this buggy for holiday travel
  • For this type of buggy it’s great
  • It can lie flat - totally flat
  • The wheels run smoothly
  • The hood is huge and provides excellent sun coverage
  • EasyJet let me push it on to the plane, and it folds and fits in the overhead lockers
  • The fold is quick and easy, the size is compact
  • This type of buggy does not provide the comfortable ride that our Emmaljunga pram offers. BUT it is a completely different beast. Our Emmaljunga might be as smooth and comfortable as a rolls Royce, but there’s no way I’d bring it on a plane, and it takes up loads of space in our Victorian terrace, so once we were over the sleeping in the pram stage I swapped to a Maclean Atom

4 years of regular use on public transport and flying.

  • XXL Sun Shade
  • Lightweight
  • Can be used from birth (with a car seat or soft carrycot)
  • Fits into overhead compartment on the plane
  • Little rattly, especially with the car seat attached
  • Wheels block very often, difficult not to trip over stroller and child

I bought it because I needed a lightweight stroller suitable from birth that can easily be carried around (stairs). I am now selling it because I nearly fell over it at least twice with the baby inside, because the wheels blocked suddenly in the middle of the street while crossing the street..

  • Lightweight
  • Compact Folded Size
  • Not good quality on fabrics
  • The upright position of the seat is not upright enough
  • Maclaren cup holder is not compatible with this stroller
  • Maclaren sun umbrella cannot be positioned to actually be useful on the chassis

I see a lot of people giving positive feedback about the quality of this stroller but honestly I don’t share this opinion considering some of the competitors. Handlebar is low quality and the fabrics are not that good as well. Not to mention that the accessories like the Maclaren cupholder for example are not compatible with this stroller. The umbrella also is not very convenient to use. The only positive feedback for me is the lightweight design and the compact folded size.

Great stroller for a newborn


A great stroller for a newborn.

Super small, super driveable

  • ❤️
  • I wish for a longer seatback

Super small, super driveable!

  • lightweight and compact
  • quality materials
  • sturdy wheels with individual suspension
  • high handlebar with a leatherette cover and holes for ventilation
  • craftsmanship, details, reflective elements
  • large, UV protective hood
  • seat padding
  • well-balanced center of gravity
  • essential accessories included (carry bag, reversible seat liner, rain cover)
  • simple front-wheel lock activated with a foot (no need for bending down)
  • higher price tag (corresponding with the quality materials and the lifetime warranty for the chassis though)
  • shorter seat length (derived from the type of the stroller and the compact fold)
  • slightly reclined seating position (backrest never completely upward)
  • no bumper bar
  • two-handed fold
  • puzzle system of the five-point harness buckle
  • an older child is able to lock the front wheels during the ride

The Atom is obviously destined for traveling-positive parents. Alternatively, you can use it as a secondary urban stroller. The Atom will manage activities such as being fitted into the boot of your car and going shopping with no problem - they are made so easy thanks to the low weight, small dimensions, and good maneuverability.

I would not recommend it (together with other strollers of the same type), if you need a stroller for demanding terrain (mountains, badly damaged sidewalks etc.). Additionally, the Atom is not the best choice for extremely tall kids and for really short parents, or for those who require a very upright sitting position for their kid. Apart from that, I am happy to recommend the Atom and give this stroller a solid 85 % from my point of view.

Although I am already used to some standard when it comes to Maclaren strollers (I own a Techno XLR as a spare at our grandma's), I was nevertheless positively surprised with the quality finish and the feel of the materials. Together with the higher handlebar and splendid (included) accessories, I would underline these features as the strongest selling points of this sturdy, 'atom' globetrotter.

Recommended as a travel buggy


We got it for our holidays, and the super-large canopy was such a help. Recommended as a travel buggy.

Loved the fabrics and the quality

  • fabrics
  • quality
  • short leg rest
  • slanted seat

Loved the fabrics and the quality. The short leg rest and the slanted seat are my biggest niggles.

We missed the belly bar A LOT


The seat is not upright at all, so we missed the belly bar A LOT. The wheels drive great but the wheel locking is too easy for my DD to block accidetally. The pushchair is really light and compact.

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