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Saga says:
"The hood is huge and provides excellent sun coverage"
and gives the Maclaren Atom

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  • My daughter is almost 5 and we still use this buggy for holiday travel
  • For this type of buggy it’s great
  • It can lie flat - totally flat
  • The wheels run smoothly
  • The hood is huge and provides excellent sun coverage
  • EasyJet let me push it on to the plane, and it folds and fits in the overhead lockers
  • The fold is quick and easy, the size is compact
  • This type of buggy does not provide the comfortable ride that our Emmaljunga pram offers. BUT it is a completely different beast. Our Emmaljunga might be as smooth and comfortable as a rolls Royce, but there’s no way I’d bring it on a plane, and it takes up loads of space in our Victorian terrace, so once we were over the sleeping in the pram stage I swapped to a Maclean Atom

4 years of regular use on public transport and flying.

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