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Moderndoll says:
"This stroller deserves to be better known"
and gives the Looping Squizz 3

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  • Travel-size
  • Large canopy with pull-down UV screen
  • T-bar for pulling the stroller like a trolley
  • True one-hand fold
  • Magnetic harness which is handy. I use either the 5 point, or just the 3 point (shoulder straps and lower strap), and it's a quick clip
  • Flat position and reductors for newborns (I think it's good for 2 months+ if you want to avoid buying the carrycot)
  • Good wheels and suspension
  • Larger rubber all-terrain wheels at an extra cost
  • I feel that the sitting position is not upright enough. However, it's not a deal-breaker for my baby (9 months and almost walking) who currently mostly either chills or naps lying flat for hours, or eagerly grabbing the bumper bar and leaning forward looking left and right. I also reduce the lower strap so that he is sitting more toward the back

This stroller deserves to be better known. I bought the Squizz 3 in order to go into Parisian metros (the gate width is 49.50cm). It is a true one-hand fold/unfold and folds into a pull-on trolley.

Another special feature is the large canopy with extra UV screen that can be pulled down when your baby naps. If you need the lightness of a compact stroller for public transportation/air travel, yet also need the comfort (180 degrees flat-lying) and privacy for naps, you have your ideal stroller right here.

The wheels that come with the stroller are excellent, esp. compared to the Yoyo which I also considered. The Yoyo can be a bit wobbly/flimsy, the seat is too low to the ground and slanted. I splurged also on the all-terrain wheels, and use them daily except when I need to take public transportation. Changing wheels is very rapid (under a minute), and the extra wheels can be stored in a bag.

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