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Good value for money

  • value for money

Still OK on our side - even after 6 months of use. A good value for money. Recommended.

The push could be more comfortable

  • lie-flat seat
  • good price
  • manipulation
  • maneuvering

The push could be more comfortable. I do love the large basket and the hood with a visor. It lies flat and the manipulation is easy.

The wheels feel cheap, plastic... and they kind of take to the left side. I like the looks but the stroller is cheap from a closer look.

Tilts to the side

  • Color and design
  • Cheap
  • tilts to the side

I wouldn't buy it again, the pushchair tilts to the side.

  • breaking apart

We had it repaired twice, and the brake still gets damaged over time. Bad quality. Not recommended.

  • price
  • look
  • short backrest
  • driveability
  • stability
  • comfort

Apart from the nice look, I don't see any advantages. The driveability is a failure - and the stability even worse.

The pushchair's seat back is very short, and the child is not very secure in it. The footrest is too narrow to support the child's feet. Absolutely unsuitable and uncomfortable for a taller/heavier toddler.

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