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ada says:
"It meets every single need I had"
and gives the Lionelo Annet

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I am absolutely thrilled about this stroller. It meets every single need I had. The large wheels are good even for terrain use; the large basket with good access even when my child is sleeping in the stroller; the XXL hood - the best I ever saw on a stroller (and we had many strollers over the years). A big plus is also the suspension - it's mild, but it's there. I appreciate the eco-leather-covered handlebar, and the included cup holder is also a nice touch. The colorway is also very nice, very elegant. The weight capacity of 22 kg is making me happy, too. In sum, an excellent stroller for an incredibly good price. I didn't rate it with a 10 only because I would prefer a longer leg rest for my toddler (he sleeps in his stroller a lot, so it'd be more comfortable).

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