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Quality vs. price ratio is absolutely perfect


Quality vs. price ratio is absolutely perfect. For that low price you get an easy to use and easy to assemble stroller.

We've been using it for about 3 months on terrain and so far we haven't had a flat. The only problem with the wheels is the plastic cover falling off and squeaky bearings, which my boyfriend had to grease and they don't annoy anymore.

I can go wherever I want with it


I am very satisfied with the pram. It's easy to control, I can go wherever I want with it and I don't notice unevennesses thanks to the suspension. I have only one problem - and that is the wheels, I have already complained about three wheels in total. Fortunately, each time a different one, and it wasn't at the same time.

I was extremely happy with the bassinet

  • suitable for all terrains
  • suspension
  • bassinet size
  • large storage basket
  • also includes 2x leg cover, bag, rain cover, mosquito net and cup holder
  • the brake occasionally jammed
  • unstable canopy on the seat
  • the teeth on the backrest positioning have broken off

A lot of performance for little money. We drove it through meadows, fields, forests... even without inflatable wheels.

I was extremely happy with the bassinet. We used it even in winter when our daughter was 7 months old, and she was already large at birth :-D The seat unit was fine, but after 4 months the positioning of the backrest broke down - the teeth broke out. Even so, we already wanted to replace it with a lighter pushchair.

Which bothered me a bit:
- the brake sometimes could not be released - maybe a faulty piece
- we ordered with inflatable wheels, but they came foam ones with dummy valves :-O it was solved with the dealer, but it didn't work out, ... but we were still very happy with the wheels.

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