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I have this now and I wish I never got it because the wheels always go down (deflate), and it's very hard to get to the valve to pump wheels up on the front wheel.

It's nice to push, every pram is the same though, I have seen have all got the same issue the wheels always look like they're going to fall off - very wobbly when pushing the pram daily.

And I have had all models iCandy, Silver Cross Wayfarer, and the Reflex, and the 3D and Coach pram still have the best one ever, Quinny, Cosatto, Oyster... if they fixed the issue it would probably be a good daily pram for mum on a low income and budget etc.

  • Large bassinet
  • Large basket
  • Lightweight
  • Simple folding and unfolding
  • Large changing bag for mommy
  • The only thing I mind is the harness - I had to get a seat liner for the baby to be more comfortable

We used the bassinet option until now, so now, moving on, I am curious about the seat setup. The price is wonderful - and all we needed from a pram, we got.

Now I wish I still had it

  • Compared to similar stroller systems (Camarelo, Babylux) is smaller, but better maneuverable
  • Large inflatable wheels can handle even muddy forest roads
  • Easy to manipulate, clean, etc.
  • The carrycot/pram part is not that pretty
  • No noticeable suspension
  • Plastic parts in the harness of the seat unit are weak, easy to break

It was the first stroller (system) I bought. I did not know what to search for, so I tried to choose a set that looks modern while being the cheapest possible. Unfortunately, when the pram came, I did not like it so much (mainly because of the carrycot look) - I wanted a beautiful round carrycot with a canopy that can be pulled almost to its bottom (etc.). Also, I felt a little ashamed, compared to some prams other mommies had. Now I wish I still had it.

The carrycot part can be transformed into a seat unit that also has a memory foam seat liner included. As a stroller for a toddler, it looks so much better. (I, unfortunately, replaced the Moov for a Camarelo, so I did not get to use the seat unit variation).

  • lightweight
  • easy to put together
  • color fading on the sun
  • rain cover has no holes in it, so one has to put it off after a while, even if it's raining
  • the bag is useless - like a small handbag more than a changing bag (no real room for all the baby stuff)

I have it in a dark colorway - I mean, I 'had' it dark, because the color faded 😞 What would one want for that little money...

The car seat was good, though - even though the Warning sign is unfortunately put in the place where the eyes of the baby are - so the little one is squinting on it while sitting on the car seat. I had to unsew it.

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