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  • Lightweight
  • Compact
  • Affordabôe
  • Quiet, nothing rattles
  • Great for travels
  • Budget-friendly 3in1 set
  • Reversible seat
  • Urban
  • No suspension
  • Thin car seat canopy
  • Bassinet better for spring/summer babies, not too warm (for winter babies)
  • A two-piece folt, you need to remove the seat before folding

We bought the Kinderkraft Juli as a 3in1 set, and, specifically, as a second stroller mainly usable for traveling, and as a transition between the bassinet and a regular pushchair. It's great for the purpose we bought it for.

Very light, urban-type frame with foam wheels, swivel lockable wheels at the front, and an easy folding system. The folding and loading it in and out of the car is convenient, operated with one hand if needed. I mainly used the frame and the car seat clicked on it. We live 25 km from the city, so if I wanted to run my errands, go shopping, check in to the office or to the doctor, then, of course, the child fell asleep in my car during traveling - and I wouldn't want to carry the heavy car seat in my hands - so I just put onto the chassis and we went our way. The car seat is as nice as a regular, better-brand car seat, even equipped with a newborn pad; the canopy is made out of a thinner fabric, however, just to shade a bit, not much for cold weather.

The bassinet setup is light, it can be folded to a travel height of 7 cm. The fabric is thinner, better for the summer, and the bassinet can be clicked on the chassis in both directions. The cover of the bassinet can be fastened with rubber bands upwards so that the sun doesn't get inside, which is great. From the bassinet, a seat unit can be made by fastening the two belts down below, a real seat with a five-point harness. The seat can be positioned with a lever in 3 positions. This suited us when my daughter was 5-6 months old - she didn't know what she wanted yet, she wanted to see the world as well as sleep comfortably; this stroller helped us to manage this stage perfectly (the transition between the carrycot and a large pushchair).

If I had a spring baby and lived in the city, such an affordable strollers system would not only be for traveling.

  • price
  • style
  • easy brake
  • wheels
  • thinner fabrics

A good-looking, simple but functional pram. The foam wheels can get noisy but overall not much to reproach for that price.

It fulfilled my expectations


It fulfilled my expectations - I am happy with it, as well as with the price.

  • nice look
  • color options
  • price
  • 2in1 functionality, no storing of the carrycot after passing on to seat unit mode
  • dual backrest adjustment
  • cheap feel of the fabrics and plastics
  • low-placed carrycot mode
  • wheels - not much suspension and made of foam, only for undemanding city ride
  • overall very basic design

The wheels are veeery urban, meaning pretty much no suspension and quite a 'hard' ride if in demanding terrain. The basket is huge, even though the sides don't seem as sturdy. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that the cup holder goes inside the handle, not outside, so I don't bump into walls with it. Overall, the price is perfect for a "starter" pram for the first year or so, after which we'll move on to something lightweight, compact, and spacious.

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