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  • Easy to fold/unfold
  • Lightweight
  • Reclines
  • Top heavy
  • Flimsy
  • Poorly made

Bought for a 2 week holiday abroad with my, then, 5/6 month old.

Initially I really loved it. Lightweight, easy to fold/unfold, and reclines easily. However, whilst walking home one night, my baby was sleeping/reclining in it, and the pram tipped up! If it wasn’t for my partner's quick thinking, my daughter's head would’ve hit the pavement. One of the scariest moments in my life.

After inspection, it seemed to me the stroller reclined to far past the back wheels, making the pram top heavy.

The basket also ripped after light use and all the logos came off.

Sent back and received a full refund. Would not recommend.

  • Light weight.
  • Flat reclining.
  • One hand folding (needs a bit of practice though).
  • Side way opening bumper bar.
  • Good height. (I am 1.77m and it is good for me. Expected it to be lower.)
  • Front wheels can NOT be fixed. Really big minus.
  • Very plastic smelly on arrival. Needs time to air out before first use!
  • Wheels very plastic - I am sure on very smooth or snowy surfaces they will just slide away also due to the low weight of the stroller.
  • Sunshade is not equipped with UV protection.

I am really positively surprised. I did not expect a lot for the low price. But I was positive surprised on arrival.

Only really big and unexpected minus: front wheels cannot be fixed. Had I known that before purchasing it I would have not bought it.

  • small, compact size
  • lightweight
  • durable
  • no rattling
  • high-positioned chood allows odler toddlers to fit inside
  • price
  • higher seat = good view
  • not much suspension
  • narrow front wheels
  • short seat lenght
  • short hood
  • higher seat = child can't get in without help

I like the Indy more than I thought I would. It is lightweight, nimble, and looks modern. I have to carry it upstairs everyday and it works for that. I am very glad that the wheels don't rattle. On the other hand, the suspension is not soft, so you will feel every bounce (and so will your child). A downside would also be the brake, it is not too strong.

Even if the backrest is not the highest, the hood is rather high up, so you will fit a 3yo toddler if needed. It won't be able to sleep comfortably inside, however. That is only doable with an 18mo. The seat is higher up as well, so the child cannot really get in by itself. The hood is not huge, the sun protection is OK for the price.

An important thing to know is that this is a narrow pushchair with even more narrow front wheels. If you're going to go up a ramp, it may not fit (doesn't for us). Be ready to lift it up (even with the child inside) and carry it - OR go backward if possible, using the rear wheels.

The Indy is good for city living, and for small car boots. I would advise using it only on smooth pavements, even though you will be able to go over uneven surfaces from time to time. The best about it, apart from the price, is how small and lightweight it is.

  • super folding mechanism
  • maneuvering
  • light
  • belly bar
  • lie-flat seat with adjustable leg rest
  • crotch belt too close to the backrest
  • the seat is not vertical (90 degrees)

Quick folding and unfolding, and very light to add to it. The maneuvering is easy and the weight is really low, good for loading it in the car or even carrying it from the car to the apartment. A niggle of mine would be the crotch belt - it is too close to the backrest so it starts under the child's buttocks. The seat is also not upright, so the little one may slide down from time to time. The belly bar and the adjustable leg rest help in that area.

I very much mind the small seat

  • Lightweight
  • Compact
  • Affordable price
  • Small seat size
  • No suspension
  • Squeaky frame

Lightweight and compact, just as expected. I very much mind the small seat. It is short and shallow, so the child doesn't sit securely inside - it seems more like hanging on the harness. I also find the ride to be too hard, you feel every hole, no shock-absorbing is present. The frame started to squeak after a month of use.

  • light and compact for traveling
  • quality

I can recommend it for trips and travels, but NOT recommended for everyday use. The folding is very nice, and the compact size is also a plus for any car boot filled with pieces of luggage. The quality is not that good, certainly not for everyday errands.

The buggy looks great

  • Driving
  • Low weight
  • Design + color
  • Folding mechanism
  • Thin fabrics
  • Fixed handle
  • Tiny basket

I like how lightweight it is, and how easy it pushes. The color was also very attracive - the buggy simply looks great.

I would make the fabrics thicker, and my partner does miss an adjustable handle - it's a bit too low for him. As expected with the type, the basket is tiny, which I do mind since we take it with us mostly for shopping trips.

Happy with it

  • solid materials
  • design
  • manoeverability
  • price
  • seat could be more upright

I am happy with it. The materials seem sturdy, I like the design and the finishes, and the manoevering is pleasant.

Ideal for shopping malls, but not outdoors

  • Compact
  • Easy to fold
  • Low weight
  • Apron incuded
  • Short seatback
  • Weak frame

Ideal for shopping malls, but not outdoors, unfortunately. Which, with that price range, can be expected. So the price-performance is good, actually.

  • Price
  • Look
  • Space
  • Not for bad roads and much bumps and holes
  • Short-ish hood

It's quite cheap, but as an occasional/spare buggy, it works very well. Nothing for any terrain, of course, but for that, nobody would buy something like this. We needed something to keep mainly in the car, and it feels like a good investment for such use.

  • Weight
  • Folded size
  • Colors
  • Full lay-flat
  • Rain cover and apron included
  • Price
  • I'd love a longer canopy so that my DD is fully covered while napping; and the back part of the canopy kinda hangs, which is not the most beautiful solution
  • The sleeping surface could be longer
  • Brake needing your upper foot to push it upwards (can damage damage-sensitive shoes)
  • Fabric-covered bumper bar gets dirty and you have to brush it off
  • Velcro-closing peek-a-boo window without ventilation
  • Not perfect for very tall people

It is spacious enough, and it drives relatively well. Don't expect too much of it, and for occasional use, holidays, shopping and such, you'll be happy you have it.

I love how small and handy it is, but my husband hates that he's kicking the rear axle (he is 190 cm, though). He overall prefers the robust, heavy stroller from our 3in1 system.

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