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Great option if on a budget.

  • Spacious seat - easily fits a bigger/older toddler
  • Space between seat and hood
  • Strap between the legs
  • Good size extendable hood
  • Lovely leatherette handlebar and bumper bar
  • Folds compact so fits in a small boot
  • Good weight - doesn't feel flimsy like some lighter weight strollers
  • Puncture proof tyres
  • Handles light terrain & snow
  • Looks much more expensive than it is
  • Pocket in the hood for the likes of wipes/mobile phone
  • Magnetic peekaboo window
  • Lie flat seat
  • Extendable leg rest
  • Has a footrest so older toddlers can get in/out themselves
  • Comes with an apron and rain cover
  • Easy to put together
  • Ventilation at the back
  • Seat covers can be removed for washing
  • Comfortable ride - l preferred this over the Cosatto Woosh
  • Nice to push
  • Fits on public transport
  • Difficult to access basket
  • Basket only has a 2kg limit
  • Seat could be more padded
  • No UV protection
  • Not truly all terrain
  • Seat not fully upright
  • Wheels wear down quite quickly with stones embedded in them
  • Handlebar doesn't extend

Great option if on a budget.

  • spacious seat
  • big hood with an extension
  • bump bar coated in eco-leather
  • quick and easy fold
  • fits into even a small trunk
  • extra strap between baby legs - child won't slide out by any chance, while not using actual belts and I won't loose bumper bar if I needed to take it off ;)
  • foot cover fits good as well in lying positon
  • colour options - I would personally like to have at least *navy* as 3rd option (gray melange and black are fine too)

I bought it as a gift for my baby cousin, but I'm deffinetly gonna buy it again for myself when the time comes. The grandparents and me love everything about this stroller. My parents found some little things, but that would get this stroller into a different price category, that said I'm not including here. We wouldnt find a better stroller for this price here in Slovakia.

  • probably the one-hand fold
  • bad basket access
  • squeaky
  • rattles incredibly
  • not upright sitting position
  • hard to steer, I can't manage to drive with one hand

A really bad choice. I bought this after a Bugaboo and I did expect much less, compared to the BGB... I thought I will get used to a lower standard. But no. So many downsides that I ended up selling it after 3 months for almost nothing. I did think, what would I want for that price, but honestly, now I wouldn't want this pram even for free.

  • Price
  • Longevity
  • Tank-like performance
  • Good looking

I had it and for that price, it lasted really well. Really a small tank. And also good looking, which, at this price point is not really seen often. I can heartily recommend it.

  • It looks good
  • Large canopy
  • Window in canopy to see baby
  • Large basket
  • Leg and rain cover included
  • Backrest and seat is hard
  • Backrest doesn’t straighten up so stays at an angle
  • Basket is not easily accessible
  • Suspension is hard
  • Can’t control with one hand
  • Doesn’t fold flat

If I could do it all again I wouldn’t purchase this stroller. After using it for 3 months I’ve come to the conclusion there are more negative points than positive. Yes, it does look good, it’s spacious for the baby, it has a large basket and it comes with a leg and rain cover.

All good points that you want when buying a stroller but on the down side the back rest doesn’t come right up so baby is at an awkward angle which means he slides down the seat and is only stopped by the belt which then pushes constantly on his crotch. He also is looking down his nose if he wants to see straight ahead, and on top of that, the backrest and seat are as hard as a piece of wood with no padding. This is the biggest fault for me.

The steering and suspension are hard so it’s not very easy to control with one hand. The basket isn’t easily accessible either.

A 2.5yo fits in there even with a footmuff

  • Veľký

We got it for a 2.5yo for naps, and he fits in there even with a footmuff.

I would say it's fine

  • Price
  • Low weight
  • Roomy basket
  • The strap between the child's legs cannot be undone
  • It takes quite some space even after folding

For an undemanding mom and a low price, I would say it's fine.

  • Canopy extension
  • Accessories
  • Driveability
  • The bumper bar has to be put in between the chassis and the side fabric
  • The leg rest position after folding
  • The sitting position is not upright

The push is not very comfortable with this pushchair. It is almost impossible for me to push it with one hand when I am holding my other kid (or cell phone) in the other. Also, I mind the leg rest when folding the Grande - it goes either upwards, meaning the fold is longer, or downwards, but not completely, so it protrudes. After a month, the zipper on the rear pocket broke, I had to remove it completely. And I don't like the PU leather cover on the handlebar, because I can feel the zipper.

This was supposed to be a great pushchair with everything I needed. But its driveability makes it all wrong.

An excellent pushchair for, you could say, a very low price. It drives beautifully, even though it's not much for off-road. The under-seat basket is large enough (5-7 kg potato pack is no problem 🙂). The rain cover fits well - I would, however, appreciate more vents in it.

It did what I expected it to

  • Lightweight
  • Compact
  • Easy to maintain
  • Extendable hood
  • Leg rest adjustment
  • Spacious basket
  • A good-looking model catching my eye very quickly
  • Foam wheels catching small stones (which you won't be able to remove)
  • No suspension
  • Fixed handlebar - no adjustment possible
  • Velcros to attach the leg cover make its attachment difficult for me - I can't seem to put it on well

I bought it for occasional use with my DD (for the summer and autumn) - and it did what I expected it to. However, since I had a different stroller before, where the suspension was very soft, I missed some suspension like that here a lot (and next time, I will look at this feature much more closely when choosing a stroller). Other than that, a very good stroller for a great price 👍

  • elegant
  • lightweight
  • compact
  • cheap
  • quality is probably a bit worse than that of those expensive stroller brands

This is a good stroller at an affordable price. Indeed, there are better quality strollers, but for such a low price, I have a brand new, elegant and compact stroller.

The wheels wear down quite badly

  • Lightweight
  • Beautiful
  • Compact
  • Comfortable
  • Wheels

Lightweight, beautiful, but the folding doesn't work so smoothly, and the wheels wear down quite badly.

  • Design-we have a gray with brown handles
  • Price
  • Large shopping basket
  • Adjustable leg rest
  • Adjustable backrest
  • Large canopy
  • My little one likes it - it is a lightweight stroller, so when we use it, he can even push it by himself, and I really appreciate that. My friend has a different model, but when her daughter pushes it, she is not able to see anything even though the handlebar can be put completely down - for the Grande the handlebar cannot be adjusted
  • Easy maintenance
  • Leg cover and rain cover are included
  • Bumper bar can be easily removed and put back
  • Spacious
  • Peek-a-boo window so I can see my little one
  • Pocket with a zip for small things-e.g. my phone...
  • Handlebar is quite high-I would recommend it for taller people who are more than 165 cm tall; shorter mommies should get a different stroller with an adjustable handle
  • Wheels feel hard
  • Seat belt could be a bit stronger

Nice stroller at a reasonable price 🙏

Our little one grew up from the previous stroller, so we had to buy a new one. We were looking for a new buggy for quite a long time. We were deciding between the Petite&Mars Street and this one. In the end, we decided on the Kinderkraft as we liked the design. We have a grey one with brown handles. The weight limit of 15 kg is also more than enough for us.

We use it whenever we go to the city for a walk. Our son sleeps in his bed, so we store it in the car. I appreciate that it can be folded quickly with one hand. Comparing it with our previous stroller, the folding is extremely easy.

  • spacious for the kid
  • canopy
  • leg rest adjustment
  • lay-flat position
  • lightweight
  • easy to fold
  • foam wheels (you can hear them a little)

The stroller is fantastic - with the exception of the wheels that could be better.

  • Design
  • Easy to push
  • Folds with one hand
  • Fixed, non-adjustable handlebar
  • Wheels are only solid (no optional air-filled type)

I had no other lightweight stroller, so I cannot compare it with anything else - and my review will be, therefore, more general. We are using it for one and a half months already. The wheels can handle standard sidewalks and roads very well. If there is a hole or a bumpy part, the ride is harsher. To get through our macadam road is also not that easy. I knew, though, that this size of wheels is not perfect for such terrain.

  • Beautiful design
  • Easy to fold
  • Easy to manipulate
  • Long sleeping surface
  • Canopy with a viewing window as well as a rear pocket for bits and pieces (with a zipper)
  • Large, extendable canopy
  • Good access to the shopping basket
  • Rain cover and mosquito net included
  • Great price
  • Leg rest adjustment
  • Materials are easy to keep clean
  • I miss a bottle holder
  • Foam wheels
  • The sitting position is not completely upright

After long research, I finally decided on this model. It is easy to push. Surprisingly, right after our first ride with it, my daughter fell asleep in the seat. It is very lightweight - easy manipulation. Although it is not as small as those carry-on luggage-sized strollers, we didn't find its size bothersome at all - I especially like that its wheels are not that small. Performance is good even in our mountainous area - we'll see how it will be in winter (if the wheels won't disappoint).

  • Easy to push
  • Beautiful design
  • Extendable canopy
  • Price x Functionality ratio
  • Rain cover
  • Apron
  • Seat liner included is too firm (I bought then another one separately)
  • No bottle holder
  • Not the most practical recline system
  • Materials used feel \thin\" - but ok for the price"

In general - an easily maneuverable stroller with an effortless fold.

  • Length of the sleeping surface (around 40 inches ~ 1 m)
  • Large hood
  • Beautiful design
  • Large under-seat basket
  • Very lightweight
  • Easy to fold
  • Foam wheels (this is individual - someone can be ok with this)
  • The sitting position is not completely upright
  • Forward-facing only
  • The universal mosquito net I bought did not fit on it 😂

I find it to be a very acceptable lightweight stroller for bigger kids that don't fit (like our daughter) into the first stroller system's seat unit (we had the Mutsy Evo). Our little one is 1.5yo and still taking her afternoon naps in the stroller - and here, she has enough space. It's mainly an urban stroller, but we managed to tackle even our village's construction site.

The stroller I was looking for

  • extendable canopy
  • long sleeping surface (mums with taller kids will appreciate this for sure)
  • easy manipulation with the stroller
  • nice-to-touch, easy-to-clean material
  • complete lay-flat
  • adjustable, long leg rest
  • very easy access to the basket
  • canopy features a viewing window
  • rain cover and apron are included
  • incredible price, while the quality is very nice too
  • non-adjustable handlebar
  • I, personally, mind the in-between legs fabric belt (attached to the bumper bar) - I don't use it, but I can imagine mums with smaller babies to use it a lot...

The stroller I was looking for... I bought it for an older child (my daughter is 2 and a half years old). I tried quite a few strollers, so I have some experiences with them. I wanted a stroller for the summer and for my kids' noon naps (she's 35.5"; approx. 90 cm tall).

I must say, I am more than excited about this one. It doesn't fold as compact as a carry-on suitcase, but it's compact enough.

  • Looks good
  • Spacious seat
  • Comes with footmuff and rain cover
  • Break has broken twice on this pushchair. I am apprehensive about contacting the seller I purchased this from, as it’s not the sellers fault, it is Kinderkraft's, in my opinion

Lovely looking pushchair, but the breaks need working on.

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