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I sold it after a week

  • Wheels
  • XXL hood
  • Weak chassis
  • No suspension
  • Weak basket, detached with any load
  • The leg rest bends immediately, as if there's paper inside, nothing solid

A cheap pushchair and it is visible. I sold it after a week...

I found what I was looking for :-)

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to fold
  • 'Tall'
  • Elegant-looking
  • I found none

I was searching for the perfect pushchair for a long time. I searched for something handy, lightweight, tall, but not too robust... And I found what I was looking for :-)

Spacious, lightweight, and fast-folding.

I am so happy I didnt buy anything else

  • Large, long canopy
  • Adjustable backrest and leg rest
  • Easy to push around

I was searching for quite some time for a stroller for my baby girl - until I found this one. I am so happy I didn't buy anything else.

Almost perfect

  • Spacious seat - for sitting as well as for sleeping
  • Leg rest space
  • Large sunshade
  • Pocket
  • Handlebar and bumper bar
  • Spacious basket
  • Peek-a-boo window where you truly get to see your child
  • Strap recline system
  • It's hard to access the basket when the child is napping
  • There's not much space for a changing bag on the handlebar, but I can manage

It's almost perfect 🙂 I am happy about the materials - chassis-wise as well as fabrics-wise. The wheels are fine, and the only minus for me is the recline system so far - I am not used to the strap mechanism, I like the lever system more I must say...

Good quality at an affordable price


Good quality at an affordable price. Large canopy, big shopping basket, and spacious seat.

I just got it and immediately started to try it out. It looks beautiful, and it is lightweight and compact. The chassis is stable enough, and the wheels look good too - even though on my first pram, I have inflatable ones, so it's kind of two different things. Of course, the inflatable wheels are better for bad terrain, but we already got a puncture twice, so I am quite looking forward to trying out something else and use my pushchair without a risk of getting a puncture. Some could mind that the handlebar is fixed and cannot be adjusted - but I knew this when buying the pushchair, and with my 172 cm, this height is absolutely fine. So, for that price, all looks really great, and I hope that even after a few months and some all-terrain rides I will be just as happy with it.

I only wish that the hood would be tighter when opened - it would look much more stylish. Otherwise, a very nice stroller for that money. We use it with our 2-year-old.

  • huge canopy
  • spacious seat
  • better wheel quality
  • thinner padding and canopy fabrics
  • strap system of the backrest recline
  • folding with the seat out

I love the burgundy color. For that price, the buggy seems very stylish, luxurious almost. It is mainly urban, and I am using is like that - no harsh terrain really. For such use, it is absolutely suitable. And those new wheels are gorgeous - much sturdier and better quality than the older model's, which I saw as well.

I'd make the padding of the seat more thinck, but that is just a minor downside. The seat is, on the other hand, really spacious and enough for at least one more year (I have a 2yo daughter).

My favourite feature is, however, that superlarge basket - I can fit a week's worth shopping in it!

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