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lena9999 says:
"Never again"
and gives the Kinderkraft Grande LX

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Never again

  • extended hood
  • large rear wheels
  • easy to drive
  • backrest always tilted, cannot be put in an upright sitting position
  • the footrest is impractical to fasten with velcro to the chassis
  • the drawstring used to position the backrest is always folded in the plastic and thus the positioning often gets stuck
  • folding the pram also jams

I had the stroller for about a week and never again. My little one was very fussy in it, as he could never sit upright as the backrest is always tilted backwards - so he was only ever in a semi-sitting position. The thing I miss about the bumper bar on this stroller is the fabric that attaches to the handle and goes between the legs (that way I wouldn't have to strap him in and he could sit upright and not roll out of the stroller).

The bottle holder broke off for me about the second day. The folding mechanism of the stroller gets stuck, which is a big disadvantage when traveling a lot. It also finally broke at the joint where it folds - and I had it for about a week. The back positioning also jams, because that drawstring on the back of the backrest often gets folded in that plastic where it's strung - and it takes a long time to get it straightened out again. The leg cover is quite impractical to attach to the pram in my opinion, you have to tape velcro around the structure.

The advantage was the extended hood and the ease of manoeuvring the stroller while strolling.

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