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A great choice

  • LARGE extendable CANOPY
  • LEG REST hide-able in basket
  • gate-opening BUMPER BAR
  • huge BASKET
  • big rubber rear WHEELS
  • heavy duty spring as ADDITIONAL SUSPENSION on front wheels
  • better VELCROS ATTACHING canopy
  • warmer FOOT COVER (maybe our old one just got washed down)
  • small holes on the sides of the RAIN COVER (we didn't mind our previous which was fully full)
  • CUP HOLDER (haven't tried it loaded, but empty is shaky on bumpy roads)
  • BREAK - it happened once or twice that we had to give it two push-downs to actually get working; its not that big of a deal because it has a loud click sound when pushed correctly
  • LEG REST can be only positioned from 90° down in the basket to 180° lay flat positon (we were used to another like 45° towards the bumper bar, it's useful with smaller babies)

Grande, as always, a great choice. We would not change it for anything else.

Finally, we will be able to go for a walk in a stroller even in snow-filled countryside, because the basket is a bit higher so it won't touch the snow and get wet.

Suspension at all four wheels is fantastic, and the additional springs on the front wheels? At first I thought it was only a decoration, it's actually additional suspension. We wouldn't knew not having my curious father who put his whole weight pushing on one front wheel and it actually moved. The springs are really strong, I don't even know how to imagine a situation you would have to be in to see it not working with a child in the stroller. Rocky roads don't even shake it, so... maybe some kind of "crush-suspension"?! Rather not need them to work ever, if it's for that.

The handle bar is high, I wasn't sure about it with my 168 cm. However, the other day I was typing a text on my phone during a walk and I subconsciously leaned on my elbows on the handlebar, and it was actually comfortable and surprisingly still with a good maneuverability.

Also, you can see on every picture on the whole internet that this stroller has the Kinderkraft-ish folding mechanism "slide & click", but at least we got one with two buttons for folding. It gave us a hard time at first, but we are getting the grip. It's still in the middle of handle, first, "security" button is under handle bar, and then the traditional big one for folding on the inner side as usual.

The last one is more of a TIP for other/new owners - you can hide legrest in the basket when the child doesn't need it anymore. You only have to do it while un/folding the stroller. The stroller has to be about half folded when you can easily push the leg rest behind the basket fabric. The same goes for taking it back out from the basket.

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