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  • Lightweight
  • Easy to fold
  • Maneuverable - even with one hand
  • Adjustable parent handle
  • Compact after folding, nice size to store even in a small trunk
  • Ventilated (great for summer)
  • Easy brake activated/deactivated by pushing with your foot from the top
  • Stable even with a bag on the handlebar - which is rare for such a lightweight model
  • Only two positions of the handle
  • Small hood
  • Thin hood fabric
  • Not suitable for longer naps
  • No accessories included

I didn't even try it outside yet. I had to send it back to have my faulty chassis swapped. The first impression, however, is that it feels like the wings of a butterfly. The hood is so thin I feel like even light rain could tear it 😒 The backrest doesn't look comfy enough for regular naps - so it's more of a buggy than a stroller. I mind that from one point of view, from the other - my daughter already walks by herself, and I bought it just to have something when she doesn't keep up anymore on a long walk.

The rear wheels do have a bit of suspension, but we'll see how that helps (if I don't change it 😅). I do appreciate the brake system, though - you just step on the brake from the top (two pedals, one on each side. The folding is also super easy and very compact.

My daughter sat in it and was smiling widely - she really wanted to use it. Overall, for that price, I did expect a little more than an overpriced buggy. At least in terms of the hood. The hood material reminds those folding shopping bags that you can fold into a shape of a strawberry or a lemon 😅😅😅

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