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zuzita1 says:
"The only drawback I see is the car seat"
and gives the Junama Impulse Linen

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  • Larger, sturdier
  • Has springs on the chassis
  • Easy to maintain, the glossy cot is just wiped clean with a damp cloth
  • Nice children's pattern in the bassinet - design
  • Closable large basket
  • Car seat balanced when held and carried in hand

A pram with large wheels, suitable for rough terrain and bumpy roads. It is easy to ride with it even on dirt roads. It has a suspension, which you will appreciate when rocking your baby.

It has a great bassinet. It is long and wide enough.

The whole frame of the stroller is wider. That's why you can't fit it in all the doors, but you won't get the wind knocking it to the ground, as my friend told me with another brand's stroller she owns. Adjustable handle, also suitable for taller people; hidden mesh in the hoods.

The only drawback I see is the car seat, which seems to me strangely balanced when being held in the hand. The baby seems to fall over the head part.

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