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baja15 says:
"After 1.5 years, its size and weight start to be a bit of a nuisance"
and gives the Joolz Day 3

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  • Design
  • Carrycot very detailed - ventilation windows with a view for the baby
  • Both the carrycot and the seat share the same frame and canopy, so the part you don't use takes up minimum space
  • Both the carrycot and the seat are high positioned
  • Seat with extendable footrest suitable for really long babies (tested by my almost 4 year old daughter)
  • Solid cushioned frame
  • Also suitable for tall people
  • Large selection of purchasable accessories
  • Higher weight
  • Large dimensions when folded
  • Handle is high and away from the child in the pushchair mode
  • I would have liked a classic upward positioning of the legs in the seated position
  • The storage basket is a good size, but it's harder to access in some seat positions - it would help if it was also open between the front fork
  • Folding requires two hands and a bit of practice
  • The folded stroller cannot be secured against unfolding!!!!
  • All accessories are bought separately, which increases the price of the stroller

An excellent stroller for up to 1-1,5 years. After that its size and weight start to be a bit of a nuisance.

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