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  • Light
  • Compact
  • Difficult to use ou rough paths
  • Basket too small and difficult to reach
  • No reversible seat

Very nice stroller, easy to get in and out of the car but not comfortable to use on more bumpy roads.

Love it

  • super light
  • great engineering
  • smoothest push even on crappy sidewalks
  • doesn’t tip over
  • good materials
  • comfy handlebar
  • one-handed fold
  • decent basket for a compact stroller
  • awkward recline and angle adjust
  • need to buy the footrest
  • doesn’t fold with the bumper bar
  • no snack tray
  • the seat is pretty vertical (like, Yo-yo is more reclined even when the baby is sitting) but I'd like it to be even more vertical

Love it.

  • Easy fold
  • Seat liner can be easily removed for washing
  • Spacious and comfy seat
  • Sturdy
  • Can attach compatible buggy board (bought separately)
  • No parent-facing option
  • Does not lie flat
  • Extras need to be bought separately

I love my Joolz Aer. It is strong and sturdy, lightweight and folds easily. I used it for my older child after he outgrew his main stroller and then purchased the co-ordinating buggy board when my second was born for when we travelled.

Overall probably the best lightweight stroller out there. Yes it is pricey but definitely way better value for money than the Babyzen Yoyo which does not sit up anywhere as upright as the Aer and does not have a one-handed fold.

  • Beautiful design
  • Weight
  • Extendable canopy
  • Plenty of accessories available for purchase
  • High quality wheels - no rattling, no stones getting stuck
  • Long backrest
  • Basket is large enough (for the size of the stroller)
  • Higher price (yes, there are cheaper \"airplane\" strollers
  • but the price matches the quality)"
  • The stroller cannot be folded with the belly bar
  • Not a fll lie flat
  • Everything has to be bought separately, and since the leg rest is also bought optionally, it is not as sturdy
  • The handle height cannot be adjusted, I would have liked a telescopic one (although the stroller would have been a bit heavier - the manufacturer knew why they did it this way)

I bought the stroller for my 2 year old son who no longer sleeps in the stroller, but we use it often. It fulfilled this 100%.

My son doesn't look overgrown in it, the backrest is super long. The seat is spacious - and it fits the original Joolz winter foot muff.

The wheels are completely quiet - for being made of foam, the quality is noticeable. I walk with the stroller every day, and it hasn't happened once that we had a pebble stuck in the wheels (which happened to me regularly with the Valco).

The stroller also can go over grass, some uneven surfaces, even cobblestones, but it doesn't go completely smoothly there. However, it can handle large gravel just by backing up.

I can carry the stroller up to the first floor with my son (12 kg) just fine, folded, it looks like a larger handbag, and it also fits behind the car seat (since my husband is a car pedant, I always put it in a wrap, and thus the seats aren't dirty either).

The downside is that everything has to be purchased separately. I immediately bought a footrest and a bumper bar for it (I recommend it, but the downside is that it always has to be taken off to fold the stroller), and later we bought an organizer, a bottle holder - and a cool gadget, especially for summer, is the sun visor (but with it, the footrest gets in the way).

I guess the only downside to the stroller is the price - and the fact that the headrest doesn't go all the way down. That bothers my son, for example, but he doesn't sleep in the stroller that often, so we'll survive 😀

  • Design
  • Quality
  • Pleasant push
  • Fabrics
  • Padding
  • Recline
  • Hood

I wanted to get a Joolz Aer, but I decided to return it in the end. It feels fantastic in your hand, the push is enjoyable, and I also loved the inside padding. Awesome, no cheap fabrics, great to touch, and filled with a comfy foam layer. The insufficient recline and the recline system, along with the short hood, made me change my mind, unfortunately.

The buggy is lovely and high-quality

  • quality
  • small folded size
  • beautiful padding
  • stylish
  • wheel suspension
  • great seat back length and overall space for the child
  • extendable hood
  • accessible basket
  • newborn-compatible with the carrycot or as a travel system
  • gorgeous colors (the belly bar on the carrycot gets different with different color, which we noticed in the shop)
  • all accessories sold separately
  • not a lie-flat

We got it as a from-birth travel stroller, as we have to travel quite a lot, even with a baby. The new carrycot is beautiful and spacious enough, so happy with that for sure. The seat, unfortunately, is not a lie flat, and the adjustment is not the smoothest, BUT we knew that when purchasing the buggy. In the meantime, when the little one doesn't sit yet, we'll combine it with the Cybex Cloud Z reclinable seat.

The buggy is lovely and high-quality, even though it does get pricey. The leg rest is highly recommended. The basket is nicely sized for the type, and it is accessible, which is not a standard with smaller buggies, so hooray! The seat back is so high so I am pretty sure we'll use it even for a larger toddler.

  • pushes great
  • looks great
  • spacious
  • high-quality
  • compact
  • not all-terrain/small wheels, but I wasn't expecting Aer to be a pushchair for rough terrain

I use it with a 2.5yo for pretty much everyday walks in the city. She already walks part of the way, so I didn't want anything cumbersome. We bump into the Aers more and more; moms around noticed it's a quality, spacious option with a nice push. It's not all-terrain by far, but the suspension is nice anyhow.

  • High-quality
  • Sleek finish
  • Quiet wheels
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Very comfy for the child
  • Price
  • Accessories sold separately
  • Clumsy backrest positioning
  • Hood length
  • Angled backrest even in the most upright position
  • No lay flat

I have an older son, for which I only needed something usable for trips and occasional needs. That it does very well, and what was most important for me - without unnecessary noise. The spaciousness and comfort for the child and me, the parent, are great bonus points too.

  • Extendable canopy
  • One-hand folding
  • Super compact while very spacious, even for an older toddler
  • Smooth manipulation, even in harsher terrain conditions
  • Super big basket
  • The bumper bar and the leg rest extension have to be bought separately

The Joolz Aer is a brilliant buggy for travels, loading/unloading to and from your car - while offering so much space and comfort for your child. Good even for the afternoon naps, as we discovered!

Excellent for older children

  • Folding
  • Size
  • Space
  • Weight
  • Driveability
  • Suspension...
  • Wheel material

Excellent for older children. Spacious, pushes with one hand, high quality materials.

  • really compact
  • spacious enough
  • quality fabrics
  • beautiful
  • great to push
  • canopy
  • recline system

I love the fabrics feel and the overall push of this buggy. Not the biggest fan of the unzipping system at the back, but that's the price you pay (adding to the actual, not that low price of the pushchair) for having a model actually fitting the airlines' guidelines. The kid doesn't look so slumped in it, compared to similar buggies. So I would say it's comfortable as well.

  • fabrics
  • folded dimensions actually fir into the standard of the airlines
  • backrest
  • no flat recline
  • leg rest is to be purhcased separately
  • fiddly recline

I really like it - for what it is. I love the chassis suspension and quality. The backrest, even though not lay-flat, is very comfortable, compared to those slouchy seats of the cheaper strollers. Fabrics are incredible. I couldn't decide if the Aer or the Elodie Details Mondo travel buggy... but I decided to go for the Aer.

I went to see it at an expo. It's super lightweight and REALLY compact, but a wee bit simple. I mostly mind the missing lay flat - BUT given the size and use, it is absolutely ok. The zipper+strap recline is a bit fiddly, though. My other reproach is the canopy - I would expect a bit more from a pushchair of this price (around £400 ~ €450). What I truly love, however, is the optional long leg rest - even longer feet don't dangle at all. I am not sure, though, if it really is included with every color, or if it isn't an optional thing.

Also, quality seems quite high - I don't think this is gonna be a buggy for "one summer". The travel bag seems very simple, but it is nice to be included. Overall, the Aer combines quite simple solutions in multiple parts with their signature luxury finishes (makes a strange contrast in a way) - but it is because it doesn't want to compromise on the weight nor the style or quality. Oh and that suspension... very nice :-)

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