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Barbora says:
"The stroller push is awesome and I definitely recommend it"
and gives the Joie Mytrax Flex Signature

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  • It is beautiful
  • Sturdy chassis
  • The wheels are ok
  • Suspension
  • Lie-flat position
  • Better than Britax B-Motion
  • In the lying position, you can't get to the basket
  • Where the hell do I put the changing bag?
  • I'm sure I'll accidentally knock the cup holder off somewhere within a week
  • In the dark, you can't see a damn thing the baby's doing in the stroller

The pushchair is fine. It looks beautiful and doesn't look cheap. The frame is sturdier and does not give the impression of a toy. The cushioning on the wheels is great, but the cushioning under the seat is even better - you can cross with your little one on the bumps and it will be like being on a trampoline.

The extended canopy is good against the sun, of course, but also against the wind. At the same time, you'll find mesh vents on the sides to keep baby from getting sunburnt in the summer. The wheels are great if you don't forget to grease them. You just have to buy the apron extra, you have a choice of plain and signature...

The cup holder can only be in that one spot and where you need the pushchair to be as narrow as possible, it gets in the way. So if another mum wants to squeeze in on public transport and she doesn't fit because of your coffee, then she's pretty pissed. As an anti-social claustrophobic, I'm totally fine with that. Oh and forget the changing bag, that wasn't planned for so you have to work out how to fit it in.

When the stroller is in the full recline position, you can only put thin stuff in the basket under the stroller... we'll just buy pizza and spa wafers for now until the little guy starts sitting up :-D. Otherwise, the stroller push is awesome and I definitely recommend it...

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