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koordinator says:
"I regret not having it for my first child"
and gives the Joie Litetrax 4

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I regret not having it for my first child

  • light
  • easy to fold
  • doesn't take up much space in the boot of the car
  • easy to drive around town
  • nice look
  • two drink holders
  • small foam wheels will only travel on pavements and paved roads
  • the wind blows through the canopy
  • the apron only covers the bottom of the legs and falls down a lot

I regret not having it for my first child. It's lightweight, folds easily into the car, unfolds easily, doesn't take up much space. The rain cover covers well and has vents that you can't even see. Not for off-road though, the wheels are foam and pretty small. Also, there is a lot of wind that gets inside. It's more of a ride around town kind of thing. The apron seems to me to be useless.

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