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Nicola says:
"It's not perfect, but considering its price I think it was a good choice"
and gives the Joie Litetrax 4 DLX

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  • build construction
  • soft wheels
  • effective suspensions
  • maneuverability
  • lever backrest reclining
  • sun-open piece of fabric in the canopy when extended
  • canopy length is so-so
  • basket hardly accessible, nearly impossible to put a bag in
  • needs two hands to unfold

I am pretty happy with the Litetrax 4 DLX. It's not perfect, but considering its price, I think it has been a good choice.

EVA wheels are quite soft, so I like their feeling, also when I'm on uneven roads. I don't know if they're good on all terrains; I've tried them on grass (need more strength in pushing) and gravel (between hard and stuck).

Construction seems to be sturdy, and the weight is ok. When folded, it's a bit cumbersome, so it barely fits in my car boot.
Maneuverability is very good, thanks to the wheels' quality and to the effective and soft suspensions.
I like the fabrics, recline angles, and lever reclining system.

I don't like the unfolding system because it needs two hands.

The two major flaws of this stroller, to me, are the canopy and the basket.

The canopy: it isn't very long (in sleeping position, it barely covers the head of the baby), and above all, its main problem is that when you unzip it, you uncover a piece of fabric in peek-a-boo style that doesn't filter the sun. It's like having a window on a "slice" of the canopy.

The basket is hardly accessible, probably because of the low height of the stroller. You can only put small objects in there. Really hard to put a bag in.

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