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Ziya says:
"Really roomy if you have a larger baby"
and gives the Joie Litetrax 3

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  • Roomy seat
  • Large hood
  • Good size basket
  • Easy fold
  • Quite heavy
  • Wide at the back

This pushchair is really roomy if you have a larger baby. The hood is a great size - it's large and keeps them covered. It's a strong steady pushchair.

The fold is really easy there's a little handle under the seat you just pull it, and it's folded in half. To unfold unclip the little lock on the side and pull. It's easy.

My only dislike with the pushchair is it's quite heavy and quite wide and the back. But if you don't live in flats or somewhere where you would have to carry it up and down, then it wouldn't be too bad. The two back wheels do come off if you had to fit this in a car boot.

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