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  • Good looking and only that!!
  • Stiff
  • Heavy
  • No suspension wheels
  • Too short canopy when flat facing parent (sun, wind constantly goes into your child's face!!
  • Big when folded
  • Too expensive

I found the buggy quite a big disappointment... I found it really stiff, with a small space for the child.

It is heavy, the ride was very stiff, the canopy too short when it's in a fully flat position facing the parent, the sun is shining into the face of the baby, the wheels are noisy and rattling and each time I went into a hole / bump she was moved in the seat, so definitely has no suspension wheels!

It's hard when you go onto uneven surface / holes as no suspension!

That's not what I've expected from the Joie brand... would never recommend this to anyone or ever buy Joie pram!

It was a disappointment for me

  • facing the parent as well as the world
  • stiff ride
  • small space for the child
  • short canopy

It was a disappointment for me - the ride was too stiff, the canopy too short, the wheels were noisy and rattling - and the front wheels were full of small stones.

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