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Superb stroller. We have used it for two children and I can't complain about anything.

  • Price
  • Steering, turning
  • Brake
  • Suspension

The steering is nice and easy, and the turning is effortless. The brake is problematic, very hard to deactivate (I sometimes almost give up) and also very loud.

The pram is also rather heavy and difficult to lift and load/unload in and from the car. I also expected more suspension, you can really feel cobblestones 😒. For the price, though, it works just fine.

  • Large cot that has two attachment points on each side
  • Sturdy frame
  • Wheels with metal axles
  • Inflatable wheels
  • The seat is not suitable for children who do not sit up, its pre-selected positions did not suit us

We have a model from 2013. The stroller is brownish-cream in colour, with black chassis, 3 in 1 set with inflatable wheels. The stroller is a Polish brand, but for us one of the best we have seen or tried from the "first" strollers (I have also had in my hands a stroller from the Pink Panther brand, Bexa, Maxi-Cosi... from relatives). With a carry cot or car seat, it si OK. We didn't use the seat much.

It served us great

  • Convertible (reversible), from birth to 3+ years
  • Spacious
  • Air wheels provided a smooth ride
  • Handles on the bassinet allowed for easy transfer
  • Neutral colors
  • A bit heavy

I bought this stroller back in the day when prams were nowhere to be found. But coming from UK I just had to have a lay-flat stroller for my baby. This was the only one I found new on ebay, and it served us great. I used it for all our kids and it held very well. Thank you for a great stroller!

Works fine

  • OK price-performance
  • brake
  • noisy clicking

After a month of use, all works fine. The suspension is also there, even if i maybe expected a bit more from this type of pram. It won't rock softly, however.

To the downsides - the brake position is not the best, we often kick it. My hubby is tall, but I am not as much, and also it happens to me. The brake is also very hard to release, and it clicks very loudly. A louder click is also happening when opening the hood on the carrycot.

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