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  • Large NON-inflatable wheels
  • Rocking chassis
  • Spacious bassinet with removable interior for easy washing
  • Lots of compatible accessories (seat unit, travel chassis, car seats, raincoats,...)
  • The wheels need to be greased occasionally, or they squeak
  • Non-adjustable handle on metal chassis

Maximum satisfaction. I recommend it to anyone who does not only take children to shopping centres. Thanks to the large wheels and suspension chassis, it has no problem with worse terrain - we regularly ride on dirt and forest roads. We also have a travel chassis that folds and unfolds with one hand, but I really only recommend that for short distances, it has small wheels and any unevenness is a problem.

The bassinet is spacious and the inside is white, which you will appreciate especially in the summer when the inside of the stroller is more comfortable than with black strollers. All the parts and accessories fit together beautifully and changing them (bassinet for car seat etc.) is easy.

Beautiful and high-quality

  • Large, adjustable carrycot
  • Stable chassis - even on difficult terrain, in snow, wind
  • Incredible look
  • Rocking chassis
  • Heavy
  • Difficult to put in the car boot

A beautiful and high-quality pram. We are very happy with it.

An amazing retro pram

  • rockable
  • comfortable
  • timeless design
  • quality materials
  • easy manipulation
  • fuss-free cleaning and maintenance
  • spacious basket
  • price
  • weight
  • size - it won't fit in the car boot easily

An amazing retro pram. Very spacious and comfortable for the baby. The carrycot can be easily detached and put back on, so it is easy to carry it separately up the stairs. However, it is very heavy.

  • large
  • comfortable
  • suspension
  • carrycot with an adjustable backrest
  • car seat->carrycot
  • heavy

Overall, a lovely and well-made pushchair. A mom owning this pushchair certainly won't be overlooked 🙂 - people admire it on the street. Driving this pram would be comparable to driving a Mercedes <3 It is big, comfortable, with a very nice suspension, and a carrycot that can be used as a car seat. One disadvantage would be its weight. However, this needs to be expected when the pram has a classic-style chassis and a car seat/carrycot on it.

  • Traditional design
  • Rocking motion
  • Spacious
  • Quality
  • I cannot find any. Weight and dimensions are, of course, higher/larger, but it should be remembered that it's not designed for the current economic and ultra-fast mommy lifestyle...

A traditional, practical, and highly elegant pram good for baby's health as well as comfort. The wheels pass easily through any terrain. It doesn't shake as it has great suspension with an incredible rocking motion.

And that large, spacious bassinet... The very name (Inglesina) shows that it suits an elegant, sensible, feminine, traditional, and family-oriented woman. Sneakers, jeans and using a public transport definitely won't fit this pram.

Very happy with the pram

  • Suspension system
  • Spacious carrycot
  • Big shopping basket underneath
  • Stylish
  • Carrycot can be used instead of a car seat

I am very happy with the pram.

Easy to handle even in snow


A pram that is easy to handle even in snow.

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