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Excellent. Lightweight, portable even in a small car.

We had the stroller for a while, used it, and it worked. It's rather average - like all umbrella buggies. But we've had better buggies in this category, and we quickly moved on. But an average stroller, ok for a larger child.

Nice and practical

  • You can control the stroller with one hand as there is the single handlebar
  • Weak wheels
  • Folding is a bit difficult

Great - nice and practical...

Lightweight with easy manipulation

  • lightweight
  • easy to maneuver
  • I had to learn the knack of folding it

Lightweight with easy manipulation. Overall, a great pushchair. However, I had to learn how to fold it.

I sold it after two months


It didnt click with me. I sold it after two months.

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