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zoemich says:
"A great pram for the city, fantastic to handle"
and gives the iCandy Peach

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  • easy handling of the bassinet/car seat and in the future the pushchair just the same
  • easy to push
  • large and easily accessible storage space
  • easy folding
  • currently low price of second-hand strollers (absolutely not commensurate with the quality of workmanship and ease of use)
  • our bassinet makes a noise when the canopy is folded up and out, which I assume not all of them do - it's annoying when the baby is asleep anyway
  • when folded, the handle usually falls to the floor if you're not paying attention
  • the model is no longer available, so it's not easy to get spare parts - but at the same time it's so easy to find in the classifieds that if a part breaks down I have a backup plan to buy the whole pram again...

A great pram for the city, fantastic to handle. It has sturdy wheels, so it rattles, but at least our baby sleeps beautifully in it. Still, it feels more raw. Probably not so suitable for the outdoors, but we haven't tried that yet. It's perfectly fine to ride on dirt roads.

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