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  • So smooth to steer
  • Sturdy
  • Truly perfect across all terrain - doesn’t stop up wheels with mud
  • 3 or 4 wheels to suit the scenario
  • Comfortable
  • Warm but not too hot in summer
  • Pram lovely and deep so never draughty
  • Easy to put up and down
  • Washes well
  • Multi height handlebar suits all heights
  • The hood is huge so a parasol hasn’t been needed
  • Large bucket underneath for bags/saddle/shopping/another child!!
  • Honestly just perfect
  • If you own a small car it’s quite big but… wheels come apart to make it easier. It’s all terrain so it needs to be bulky
  • Being super picky, it would be nice to have an option of a waterproof foot muff as the hood does so much you wouldn’t then need a raincover

This is my third baby, and each one has had a new trav system. This is by far the best by miles and miles. I love everything about it. This pram/buggy has done hundreds of miles through all terrain as my oldest is an event rider, so we have walked countless courses, through water complexes, arenas, on 4 skiing holidays with skis attached and it has nailed every single one. It’s so easy to use and sturdy, and auto lock is a quick knack of pushing on the front wheel/s slightly to release the mechanism (grey button).

Great at fitting its specific niche

  • Very sturdy
  • Can handle any terrain with ease
  • Smooth ride
  • Carrycot is approved for overnight sleep
  • Can switch between 3 or 4 wheels
  • New version can be adapted into a double pushchair
  • Comfy easy to use harness
  • Deep well padded seat
  • Easy to manoeuvre for size
  • Underseat basket can handle LOTS of weight
  • Seat reclines all the way back great for naps
  • Auto lock is a nightmare to unlock
  • Very bulky
  • Break starts to malfunction after a while
  • Rain cover is poorly designed
  • Fabric looks clumsy
  • Very difficult to construct out of the box

I bought the ICandy Peach travel system before my baby was born and have used it from birth, my baby is now 9m, and it is still our daily stroller. Overall I think it’s a fantastic model if you have a certain lifestyle and only has a few things I’d change.

Out of the box, it does have some issues, it is incredibly fiddly to put together, and took me almost a full day to fit the fabric properly into the grooves and do up the zips. It takes a lot of patience to put together so be prepared! I had the same problem when changing it from carrycot mode to seat as they both use the same frame with different fabric. The seat wasn’t as fiddly to assemble but still a bit annoying. I liked that you can easily switch between 3 or 4 wheels, the front wheel can be removed and switched without much fuss. The new model also allows you to use it as a double stroller if you get an adapter and use it in 4-wheel mode, so it’s good for a growing family.

I mainly bought it because the carrycot is approved, tested and safe for overnight sleep, which is great if you travel and don’t want to use hotel cots. It also made me feel safe to leave my baby in there for long day naps if she fell asleep during a walk. The interior of the carrycot does look a bit barebones, but I suppose that’s what makes it so safe for sleep.

You can clip a carseat on to it, but I ended up only using that feature once or twice as I learned about the risk of positional asphyxiation. The times I did use the feature, it was quick and easy to attach the adapters. No complaints there.

The seat for 6m+ is great, very deep and comfy, sits quite upright, and also reclines very far back, I’d say the back is pretty much flat which I love. Super easy to recline too, none of this strap nonsense, just a button you push in to allow you to move it up and down. The only downside with the seat style is their legs will always be up when laying down, but my baby doesn’t seem to care and sleeps quite well in it. It’s also very easy to change between world and parent facing with a quick press of the buttons and a click into place.

My only gripe with the seat is the fabric is too practical at the expense of style. It’s super easy to wipe down which is great for days out in the countryside (which is what it’s designed for) when it gets muddy, but it looks just bleh. I’ve added a sheepskin footmuff which helps, but I would’ve liked an option to buy fabric that looks a bit nicer, given the price.

The basket on this thing is AMAZING. I overload it way beyond its weight capacity, and it’s never faltered. Lots of room and super strong. I’ve put 5 2L bottles in it plus a whole load of shopping at one point. Love it!

The frame is super sturdy and robust. Doesn’t scratch easily, which is nice. The telescopic handle is great and works effortlessly and the handle leather is super tough, not a single mark on it despite daily use. Doesn’t tip at all, I hang a very heavy bag from the handle without a problem.

Very easy to pop up a curb even when fully loaded with shopping, bags and baby. It is also very easy to manoeuvre for its size thanks to the 3 wheels. Obviously, it’s built for wild terrain, and I’m happy to say it achieves that beautifully. No matter what I’m pushing it over it drives beautifully. Smooth ride for my baby even on cobblestones and can handle the toughest of woodlands, meadows, stones, snow, water or sand. A delight to push around.

One issue is just around the 6 months of use mark the brake has started to play up. It doesn’t release the break on its own or anything dangerous, but sometimes when I turn the break off, one of the wheels doesn’t release and stays locked. I have to jiggle the pushchair a bit to get the break to release the stuck wheel, which has made for awkward situations when trying to get off buses quickly so the driver isn’t sat waiting for you to leave.

My biggest issue with the pushchair is the auto lock. It is the bane of my existence. If you want to keep a pushchair folded at home this is NOT for you. I have to keep it open at all times. The auto lock has this button to release, but it’s completely solid and doesn’t press in, you have to press and move it a super weird way to get it to release, and I still don’t know how to do it, I just frantically move it about hoping it releases. I’ve watched a million videos on YouTube, and it is not as easy as shown. Sometimes it’s taken a good half hour to get it to release. When putting it in the car, we fold it very carefully and hope the auto lock doesn’t engage because if it does, you can count your day out ruined.

The belly bar is nice, like the clip on and off mechanism. Wish it had more accessory options like a snack tray for the price but it’s not a huge issue.

The rain cover is terrible. It works fine, but the big black canopy at the top means your child can’t really see out of it, and in general it fits very poorly. Also fogs up in seconds.

The canopy is nice, good coverage, and actually works quite well in super light rain on its own. Sun visor is also good. The ventilation window is purely for ventilation as you cannot see through it to check your child which is a shame. Also would’ve liked if it had an opening for universal footmuff straps but most pushchairs don’t have this so not a huge complaint.

The sturdiness does mean, unfortunately, it is huge. Fits just about through doorways, but it is massive. I’ve lost count of how many things I’ve knocked off shelves with it in shops. I’m now having to buy a second compact stroller for urban days out, so I definitely don’t think this is a one-and-done type deal.

To conclude: great at fitting its specific niche. If you want something to explore the great outdoors with ease and reliability from birth, this is the pushchair for you. The overnight approved carrycot also makes it great if you like to travel to new sights to explore with your baby. It is also great if you need to transport very heavy things or carry a lot with you as it can handle immense weight in its spacious basket and on its strong handle. However, it’s greatest benefits become weaknesses in an urban environment, and it is not built for convenience. If you live rural like me it still makes a good every day pushchair, but I wouldn’t recommend it for those in dense cities.

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