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MamaCeeBee says:
"I love the design and quality of this pushchair"
and gives the iCandy Orange

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  • Quality and style
  • Massive basket
  • So versatile, with so many seating combinations
  • Baby can safely sleep in carrycot overnight
  • Converts to a double
  • Ride on board built-in
  • Comes with almost all required accessories
  • Handle goes very high, great if you’re tall
  • All bits are detachable to wash or if a part is damaged can just replace that rather than the whole thing (ours has been used almost daily and has no damage whatsoever!)
  • 5 year warranty
  • Lots of different colour offerings
  • Do need two hands to put up and down
  • To fit in our boot I have to take the seat off the frame
  • Do really need two hands to steer
  • Have to buy footmuff separately for our age model, think these are now included

We've been using this since May 2020 for my son as a newborn. I love the design and quality of this pushchair. The fact it comes with everything makes it worth the money. We’re expecting in October, so will be using this as a double which was another reason we chose this pram; it’s just so versatile. With 30 seating combinations, my son loves to be on the elevators, either parent or world-facing.

We always get compliments on the look of the pram and how happy our son is in it. He looks so comfortable and has easily napped in this on the go.

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